The Tears of a Mother

Subject: The Tears of a Mother
From: Latasha Drakes
Date: 23 Sep 2017

I live in a small town where even the dogs are protected and the duck, they walk in the streets and you can't hit them, that is a good thing as it cuts down on road kill and cruelty to animals.Now in this town where you are not allowed to hit strays you can hit a black man,woman or child; now aint that a laugh, I watch people make excuses for everything that is done and wonder why every race is worthy of life,freedom and a relief from fear excluding me and mine.
In 07/2015 my son Lamar was walking home from school when he was struck from the back by the public defender for Greenville,Ms who was not insured,but he was not issued a ticket and I was not allowed to press charge, Lamar had a broken leg which now has a rod in it and he needs a new operation this coming December,I can't get compensation because no charges were filed and the police will not allow me to press charges.I cry when I am alone and look for help everywhere I can but when you eat dinner with someone or your children played with the judge and other attorney children you are given special favors and you will not allow anyone to get them in trouble, especially someone who has no worth.This is the prevailing feeling and attitudes here and my son is paying the price.It is easy to look pass the truth and ignore the facts, but I LOVE MY CHILDREN as hard or harder than the next mother,I will not ask how you would feel or what action you would expect if it was your child,I will say pretend I hit your pet.