team leaders

Subject: team leaders
From: Roy Walters
Date: 19 Feb 2019

To all team leaders Bargain Hunt
Just to let the current team leaders at bargain hunt know that I respect you all for the work you put in the store to make it as a success working long hours &beyond to not only to make the store as a success but, making sure employees are doing things like putting out the items keeping
the store providing customers service etc. If I come off of not not doing enough as far as a employee than I'm sorry I'll do better! I personally want to do my part as a associate to make the store as a success! my regret to team leaders if I didn't inform you on going my requried break I didn't mean to disrespect the team leaders at all again I respect you all.I appreciate the job as well once again respect the team leaders that want the store to succeed . Your truely
Roy Walters