That stupid feeling called Love

Subject: That stupid feeling called Love
Date: 20 Dec 2015

This is not written because of any heartbreak, lost love or sadness experienced by me but rather a little bit of wisdom which I have received through observing others’ situations…
What is love? It’s a stupid feeling right? I have fallen in love but it never lasted so love can’t make one happy. The dictionary describes it as an intense feeling of deep affection, but that makes no sense. You can’t feel, see touch or hear it so how can it be an actual thing? Some say that the L word cannot be used early in a relationship because then your partner might think that you are too hectic or ‘jumping the gun’. I think that some already experience love at the moment of their first kiss or maybe in the first few weeks of their relationships but are just too scared to admit it. Some don’t believe in love because they have been heartbroken too many times before by those ‘players’ so they think that there is not much hope out there for them. Yes, those who just want a hook-up, fun and ‘nothing too serious. Those are the ones that tend to do damage to many.
One goes through the random hook-up stage where all you want to do is kiss as many guys or girls as possible. You go out at night and prowl through the night club to find your next target. Sounds bit like a lion stalking a gazelle for supper. Normally you have had a few drinks and you’re over confident, you spot your target and then go for the win. There are two endings to this hunting match. 1 You get ‘blocked’ and then you brush it off and look for the next one or 2. You’re in for the win and the night plays out in your favour. The next day you either regret your hook-up or never see the person again or something comes from it and then it’s just another funky so called ‘love’ story about how you met in a night club. What you don’t realise is that that person might get attached to you and then you hurt them by rejecting them or maybe they might be cheating on their significant others with you. Oh yes but we all say that it’s not our fault, it’s theirs but yes you are still a home wrecker. Some do this whole hook-up thing quite a lot , so many times that they can’t even count the number of people on their hands and feet .Ok so kissing many people at that time is fun but then one is home alone on a Sunday night with no one to talk to because you prefer the hook-ups to a relationship. People like the feeling of freedom and are scared of a relationship because it holds them down. Some say that relationships are high maintenance, which they sometimes are if you are dating a ‘difficult one ‘. Some date for looks , money and even status but in then they end up being a bachelor in their thirties due to only going for ‘those’ and missing the ones who really mattered but weren’t ‘hot’ enough back then. You’re in your late twenties and you have finally found a ‘good’ girl who your parents would approve of. Your friends tease and mock you. They say you are getting soft and now they will lose you as a friend due to this girl. That is when you have to be proud of your girlfriend and not take what your friends say to heart because it’s just a stage. If you are embarrassed about the person you’re with end it because you’re not worth their time. And yes guys it’s ok to be cute and do cute things; you won’t die or lose your manhood. I am not saying that men are the sinners here. Women also cheat and mess with guys feelings. One must just realise that you are never too young or old to find love , don’t let people tell you that you are stupid for getting into a serious relationship at twenty because if you find the right one , never let them go .
All I’m saying is that you don’t want to reach your expiry date and still be single. Before you hurt someone imagine how you would feel if it happened to you. The truth is that love isn’t stupid everyone will find it eventually, stop looking, it will come to you. One cannot define love; you will know when it hits you. You just have to be spontaneous, yourself and enjoy life.