Subject: Stranger
From: The girl who ignored you
Date: 4 Oct 2019

Hi stranger! First of all I wanna thank you for coming into my life... I have never thought of falling in love again. My heart was broken into a fine dust. But for some reason, you made it whole again like it was never been broken before. I really thank you for giving me hope, strength and positivity in every day that I face.

My dear stranger, I do apologize for the times that I get so annoying... for the times that I make you mad, for the times I disappoint you. I really do appreciate that you never gave up on me. Instead you calm yourself down and finish the argument with you telling me how much you love me.

I don’t know how am I suppose to show you how much I love you, even to the extent that marrying you isn’t enough to let you know. I wanna love you more and more each day of my existence. I wanna build you a home inside your heart, that even we’re thousands of miles away you will never feel alone.

My darling stranger, let me be your nurse so I can take care of you, I wanna prevent all the illness that may come and I wanna cure all the pain you may experience. Let me be your chef to cook your meals that’ll give you energy and better health for you to have a longer life. Let me be your guide in each and every way to reach your goals. Let me be your strength for you to have a reason to fight the struggles. And let me be the first one to see your success in whatever you do.

I wanna be the one to hold you and lift you up when you’re feeling down. And I wanna be the first one to look up to you when you’re at the top.

You are my stranger. A stranger who I wanna know more as days goes by. A stranger who will give me surprises for the things I never expected. A stranger who will let me get through his unpredictability.

You my stranger made me love you more day by day. And I’m praying for more days, weeks and years, just so I can love you more and make your life worth living for.