Stopping the ban on Pitbulls

Subject: Stopping the ban on Pitbulls
From: Jesse Gelino
Date: 9 Mar 2018

Jesse, Gelino
March 2th,2018
Stopping the Ban on Pitbulls

So, this month in my American Literature class we were reading a book called The Crucible, In the colonial days (1953). It is a book about girls being accused of witchcraft. It started with some girls dancing in the woods and someone ran into them and he assumed they were doing witch craft which was a conspiracy back then. Basically, if you were different you’re an outcast and discriminated against. I’m sure some of you know about witches in the past but while reading the story of the girls and the discrimination they experienced, it got me thinking about how pitbulls get discriminated against today.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of ads against pitbulls and I don’t understand why. So many other dogs go through the same thing with discrimination and the ban didn’t work. I feel like people are working extra hard to get them banned. Everyone says they are a very aggressive breed but I have noticed more small breeds of dogs are more aggressive. I had a neighbor that had 2 Chihuahuas and they were really aggressive. At the time, I had a pit that I grew up with and my family got a fine for having an “aggressive” dog because he would bark and growl at my neighbors dogs. My pit only did this because they bit my niece that also grew up with my dog. Thugger, my dog, was only being protective and that isn’t the same as aggressive.

I have heard people saying they are a scary breed and that’s understandable. I have 2 Rottweilers and when they play fight they get rough and growl. At times, they get into it and I have to split them up for a minuet then they are fine. However, I hear some scary growls from them I won’t lie. Same with pits. They give off scary looks and that’s why people used them in dog fighting and gave them a bad name. I had a pit that passed away 2 years ago, Thugger. He was old and my rots were a year or two years old and just puppies. They bother my pit, which he didn’t like so he would growl and show his teeth but he was never aggressive. He just showed them to leave say, “leave me alone” and they did. They can look scary but they are the most lovable dogs ever. I’ve had multiple encounters with random pits and they were so gentle. All I am asking is for people who are against them to give them a chance and understand the other point of views in each situation. They were an iconic breed that got a bad name from bad people.

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