Is Solicitor William Gilmour A Legal Terrorist Or Was I Just Dumb To Trust Him?

Subject: Is Solicitor William Gilmour A Legal Terrorist Or Was I Just Dumb To Trust Him?
From: A Victim of Gross Billing Fraud & Betrayal
Date: 22 Jan 2016

I will be very honest and admit my own opinion in biased, but with good reason mind you. In my 60 years of life on Earth, I used 12 different lawyers and 4 of them were Canadian. Only 2 of the 12 gave me unprofessional service and one I forgave because he admitted being an alcoholic and to his credit sought out rehab on his own. All of them were paid their fees in full except for Gilmour whose services I terminated. And only Gilmour gave me reason to file this 200 page Law Society complaint: Why did I do it? Because I was stupid, naive, and gullible to believe the Law Society protected the public from dishonest lawyers and not vice versa (I frankly did see all these articles about the Law Society)

Okay, so I made the mistake of believing a lawyer who misrepresented his experience and case histories. Only after I had already paid him about $12,000 did he tell me he himself was just recently arrested for child abuse. And only when he was drunk did he tell me he was told to resign or be fired from the RCMP for shooting an unarmed teen in the back, and that he had an affair with murder victim Jeanette Kelly when he was working undercover. Of course I would not have hired him in the first place if he had been up-front with me about his past sins. But even after I gave him a chance to do right by me and prove himself, he still betrayed my trust by:

* Failing to appear at two of my schedule court hearings with no advance notice

* "Misplaced" two pieces of critical exculpatory evidence

* Failed to follow client instructions five times

* Accepted moneys from a Russian mobster murder suspect against my direct orders

* Failed to correct factual errors in his submissions

* Committed perjury and extortion

* Failed to demand copies of the charging documents required but absent

* Failed to file a motion for dismissal since mandatory charging documents were absent

* Offered me me money to help him cheat another client out of patent rights worth mllions

* Tried to sell my confidential legal files to third parties for $50,000 without my knowledge

* Tried to coerce me into giving him a financial POA with liesa about my wife's fidelity

* "Forgot" to call me and 5 witnesses to testify at my hearing

* Solicited my friend for money without my knowledge nor consent

* Failed to obtain statements from my witnesses in time for the hearing

* Forced me to by his car so he would not have give part of my payments to partners

* Held my files hostage forcing me to seek a court order for their return

* Fabricated a $250,000 bill more than 2 years after he was removed

* Filed a false claim in a foreign court to steal my wife's home

* Refused to meet with MP Paul Szabo who offered to help me and requested a meeting

* Argued my case while under the influence of narcotic pain killers (percosetts)

* Refused my instruction to file a writ of habeas corpuse when I was detained illegally for 10.5 months by Immigration Canada. (My own pro-se writ of habeas won my freedom)

As if this was not enough, even today, some 10 years after he was terminated, he still harasses and terrorizes my wife with veiled threats he will bankrupt her if she does not meet his demands. He already took one home via perjury, and wants yet another! See here to see what a devious schemer he is:

As I said, my opinion is a bit biased. Am I wrong to expect more fro the Law Society? They dismissed my complaint without ever contacting a single one of my 19 witnesses, and without ever giving me any reason for their dismissal or even the name of their invisible "investigator" nor any instruction or information as to how to appeal their decision. I should have gone directly to the police in the beginning.

But when I did go the police in 2008 to file an extortion complaint with Peel Police, I was helped by a young rookie cop filled out the paperwork but was told by the duty seargant that Gilmour represented the police department and instructed the rookie to "take your beef to the Law Society!" Is there any justice left in Canada? If so, please tell me where to find mine.

Did I mention that Gilmour himself was arrested for child abuse on August 14th, 2001 but because he represents the Peel Police Department, he managed to get his court record sealed. His arrest record however is still visible as is this Law Society Complaint, one of at least three filed against him. Unfortunately the Law Society of Upper Canada will not say if the complaints filed against Gilmour are more or less than 20 in the past ten years. But if you Google "Atty. William Gilmour, scam, complaints" you will see he has more than a few pissed off clients.