To a 'sneaker head' who made me what i am today.

Subject: To a 'sneaker head' who made me what i am today.
From: Your wifey
Date: 25 Jul 2017

Hey, reader. This is for the guy, who taught me how to love and how to get over the past. He is that guy who will be there for you anytime you need him to be. And if you don't repay that to him, he would be disheartened but he won't complain. Within his body, exists a universe of patience. That guy taught me how love, when real, won't make you ignore the faults. Love is, embracing the imperfections. He is a person who doesn't mind kissing my scars. We can sit together for hours and say nothing, yet it feels perfect. Real love is rare, and it is something that doesn't fade away. He is the one who fills up the space of every single person i don't have. So, don't let your magic die. *don't let your magic die love, we are gonna keep it alive.*

Thank you.
You loved me enough to make sure i realize my potential. You never gave up, you never gave up on me. It's too early to say that but i guess i am sure that you aren't leaving, are you? Well this is where i am just making a vain attempt to summarize all the things i am grateful for. And to the one reading this, trust me he isn't anything like i thought of my Mr. Right to be. And if i am being honest here, he is better than i could ever imagine.
1. Thank you, for coming into my life. You were like the wind, you slowly moved the doubt like leaves away from my mind. Then you were the breeze who played with my hair and shook away my habit of underestimating. And then, boy! You took my life by a storm.
"I fell for you by accident, but it was never a mistake."- Instagram
2. Thank you, for all the tiny things you do sitting miles away to make me feel you are here. Thank you for all the virtual hugs, kisses, forehead rubs and what not. I still crave for your touch, but what you hit in here was the soul. You, like others, didn't aim at the outer appearance. You aimed for my wounded soul. And trust me, the way you heal me makes me absolutely sure there is no other cure for my imperfections than you.
3. Thank you, for accepting me the way i am. You are the one to whom i can show my ugliest side and with whom i can talk about random shit but it's still lovely. You let me be myself, and you help me to become a better human being. I won't be lying if i said you have made me a kind person. Because whenever i look at you the first thing that comes to my mind is 'Benevolence '.
4. Thank you, for telling me i am beautiful even at my worst. You don't know how much that has helped me.
5. Thank you, for being my best friend. You know i didn't have one but i guess now i do. You are everything i need and i have you. That's just the thing that makes me smile every now and then.
As i already mentioned its a vain attempt because i cannot really sum up all the things you did for me in these 5 months. In a nutshell, you rejuvenated me. Transformed me into a better human.

So to that guy who made me believe i am not any less then the world out there, thank you. Thank you for entering my life and making it beautiful. I know you don't really like public display of affection, but i can't help screaming it from the rooftops that i got more than what i expected. As Preeti Shenoy's book title goes 'Everything Happens For a Reason'.
I am glad you happened!