To the smart prsonnin math

Subject: To the smart prsonnin math
From: Ernesto
Date: 6 Jan 2020

You don't have to brag about your intelligence everytime we talk. Just because you’re in more advanced classes or in a good job doesn't mean you’re better than everyone else.
Also just because some people aren't as smart as you doesn't mean you have to treat them like they aren't human or like scum.People who do this are bullies

People dont change this because it doesn't benefit them to do so. They are like a virus.

Though I do like when they help out with homework or other tasks. I just wish they did it more often. My friend David is one of the good smart people he helps me out with my homework and he's really nice. Now I won't name this persons name but he makes fun of people who are mentally disabled and I really think it is unjust to do so. They are like birds who prey on smaller birds.

Most don't tap into their full empathic potential in everyday life. Listening out for people's feelings and needs - whether it is a friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer or a spouse who is upset at you for working late yet again - gives them a sense of being understood.

When smart people try to get advantages even though they don't need it is the worst.
People who aren't as smart can use them more. Also people who think they are better than anyone in general is annoying because there could be something the other person is better at that you might not know about.

What we need is understanding smart people, people who can empathize.