To the Sinister, Love

Subject: To the Sinister, Love
From: Shamri
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear Romantic love,

You know you are not what I thought you were. Where are all the romantic walks down the beach, the warm sand and the cold breeze people should feel while hand in hand with the significant other? Where are all the fun times we should have in the movie theatre? Where is the always and forever? All that I see is you providing us with heart breaks. Broken promises and lies are the only things you show us. Leading on is your favourite game, ruining friendship, bonds and breaking trust is your Hobby. So why is it that you come to our lives? Is it just some sick game for you to see us suffer.

I've watched as you destroy my best friend’s heart, you broke it into millions of pieces right after your concept of “Togetherness till eternity” was promised to her. My friend used to be a strong, smart and independent person, until you came along and broke her. Broke her to the point to where she forgot what trust was. Ruined her herself, and for what? Love? Why? It's not just her, I've seen firsthand you tear countless other people, turning friendship into romantic feelings, songs into bad memories, movies unbearable to watch, and places gut-wrenching to visit, because you decided to destroy a beautiful thing. That's all you can do, break people up eventually and you are really starting to f***ing make me mad.

I'm writing this letter to let you know there are people who know your true colour, and there are people who are freaking sick and tired of you. I'm one of these people, and I'm not afraid to let you know you suck. You are this infection that spreads around infecting people with your poisonous ideas. You are literally ruining humanity. You show us how to trust and I admire that, but the thing that I don't get is why do you have to break it in the end. And it's not that you do it in one way, but you have multiple sinister ways that can stop a person from ever functioning the same way they used to before. Whether it may be with a simple break up, or maybe even death, in the end all you cause is pain. To me Love is a four letter word, that can end another four letter word, Life.

Writing to you may be one of the hardest thing I have done. You are so complicated and fake that every time I think about you I get mad. Really mad. But I know I have to, because it maybe the push that helps other people to stand against your so called “Gift of love”. Now lets come to the main point. I hate you, but I know people who goes head over heels by your idea, so now all I want for you is go away as far as you can. Like from our galaxy to a different one, and if you can't do that then I'm going to ask you for a simple favour. Please don't hurt the ones that trusts you. Don't make two people feel special, like they are the only people for each other or like nothing can hurt or break them, but later just to take that feeling away. Please just for once in your time in existance, stay, and don't give pain. I want you to act like what people expect you to be, for once make haters like me believe in you, by actually proving that you really are “The best gift two people can share”. Then maybe finally I can feel you, and not be scared to love and feel your pain.

With Hate.