SIMPLY DONT TRUST simplyelectronics

Subject: SIMPLY DONT TRUST simplyelectronics
From: Joakim Larsen
Date: 21 Jul 2016

Dear fellow good-deal hunters.

I would like to share with you my poor and frustrating experience with SimplyElectronics. They certain tempt you with attractive offers. But it is becoming ever more clear that they are running a highly questionable business - at least from a customer perspective.

IT HAS NOW BEEN 1,5 MONTHS SINCE I PLACED THE ORDER. First the product went into back-lock. I guess this happens if you are unable to manage your stock and lack efficient processes for communication between departments. But long after being back in stock (which I presume it is, since the product is offered on their web site) I still have not received it.

I placed my order on June 5, 2016. And as of today, July 21, 2016 I still cannot get them to give me a dispatch date. ALL I WANT IS A DISPATCH DATE.

"We are very sorry and we understand your frustration!" is the generic answer you keep getting.

They keep promising me that the order will be dispatched this week. But nothing happens. And getting past the gate keepers in the customer helpdesk is virtually impossible. I TRY TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR OR SOMEONE IN CHARGE BUT THERE IS NEVER ANYONE THERE.

And when I insist and keep asking for someone in charge CUSTOMER SERVICE HANGS UP ON ME.

This is NOT THE FIRST TIME I have problems with SimplyElectronics.

Selling from England - apparently... but based in Hong Kong - supposedly... with a customer service in Philippines - I recently discovered… there is little chance to reach them. And they are far beyond any European law that can protect the customer.

Be careful dealing with this company and think again before placing an order. They are not on your side.

Read also the poor reviews on TrustPilot.

/ Joakim Larsen, Denmark