The Silent Injustice

Subject: The Silent Injustice
From: Muhammad Tariq Alkhattab Pilgrim
Date: 25 Jul 2016

July 13th, 2016
To: Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau
Minister of Foreign Affairs MP Stephanie Dion
UAE Ambassador to Canada HH Mr. Shehhi

Prime Minister of Canada Office
80, Wellington Street.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
Re: I am a Canadian citizen who has suffered injustice in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
After living for most of our lives in financial security in Canada, me and my wife decided to move to the United Arab Emirates so be closer to people (we converted to Islam during our years in college in Montreal) who we perceived to be of the same mind-set as ours under the umbrella of Islam of which we were and still are believers.
Our dream to do so became a reality in 2008 we did so by creating the Company NSD Technology Solution 2008 with an Emirati Partner 51%. Expat 49% Shares.
During the recession period from 2008 to 2010, we marketed the company and hired 13 persons and branded the company as a reliable and customer focused entity. Our trademark was based on quality service.
In September of 2010, our Emirati Partner advised us that he wanted to leave the partnership by selling his shares in the company. He was replaced by another Emirati Partner with his approval. An agreement was made that Incoming Partner would pay Outgoing Partner for the 51% of shares by the said Outgoing Partner.
Due to Incoming Partner not being in a position to pay for the said 51% shares at that time (this was not known until we were at the court for the transfer of the shares), we agreed by contract that I would sign a post-dated company cheque and the said In coming Partner would be responsible for the payment. The said contract was signed by the Emiratis (Incoming and Outgoing), three witnesses and me.
Subsequent to this contract, the company won a contract with Americana Foods in November of 2010. It was a 1.5 million contract plus a two year contract at $140,000.00 annually and an option for other contracts. Based on the up scaled client, we decided to re-locate the company to Palace Towers Silicon Oasis Dubai from our previous location at Rigga Street, Dubai. We also leased an office in AD to accommodate AD Clients such as RAHA and Etihad. We paid 250.000.00 dirhams on appropriate office renovations.
At this point everything seemed to be positive moving forward.
In January 2011, when the company was seeing fruit from the above mentioned contract and perspective contracts etal, the new Emirati partner, had the audacity to ask me to transfer my 49% shares to him, even though he up to that date had not honoured his commitment via our contract in September of 2010 to pay for the 51% shares that he agreed to pay in said contract.
Obviously, his intentions were clear by this request that he wanted my company to be solely Emirati owned which would have allowed him to receive a government loan. He went on to state that when the government loan materialised he would then return my 49% shares to me. Without hesitation, I refused.
Upon my refusal, He targeted me for acts of malice to myself, my wife and my business.
Jassim Al Shehhi sister who worked with Etisalat who upon his request start acts of maliciousness and slander against us. His Sister is a general POA with Estisalat.
We were on the receiving end of unfounded and unjustified slander, insults and death threats. This of course was quite un-nerving to us being expats.
The threats included having our company lines disconnected unless we “caved-in” to Jassim Al Shehhi request. The final threat was on 27th July 2011 and the actual disconnection took place on 28th July 2011.
Obviously, neither Jassim Al Shehhi or his sister had the legal authority to take such actions against us, that is disconnecting our lines as outlined in the MOU.
Further to this blatant act of thugary, Jassim Al Shehhi’s sister informed me that she had access to my emails, phone calls because she worked with Estisalat; and knew information shared by me and my wife in our telephone conversations. She also sent my wife a personal message suggesting that she divorce me.
Now, everyone knows that such steps taken by her is totally illegal.
I decided to exercise my legal rights and wrote a letter to the CEO of Estisalat on 2nd August 2011 to have my lines re-connected but to no avail. My lawyer was contacted by me and the situation was filed as an emergency since the scenario was damaging my contracts. Note, the case took one year.
In September of 2011, I tried to salvage the business by applying for a new line. Jassim Al Shehhi then had that line disconnected and informed me as follows:-
“Till death, I will wait for the next line.”
In 2011 our lawyer filed another case requesting the reasons for the disconnection of the company’s lines and asking for compensation for our losses and mental anguish.
It took four (4) years and the judgement was quite clear.
The lines were disconnected by Estisalat because the company feared that the company would not be able to make payments on the bills in the future. No compensation was awarded.
Subsequent to the court’s decision, we had no alternative but to close the company and send home our employees. I then filed for bankruptcy. On receiving the bankruptcy two years ago, the partner, Jassim Al Shehhi bluntly refused to sign the document causing even more hardship to me and my family which resulted in me becoming financially vulnerable up to the time of writing.
By that time the post-dated cheque for the initial partner Khalifa Zayed was due for payment and because I could not comply I was incarcerated for nine (9) months in Al Awir and was housed among murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves and human traffickers. I was threatened in Al Awir and became mentally imbalanced.
I now suffer from PTSD, Diabetes, enlarged heart and daily flash backed of my time in prison.
I am ruined financially, psychologically, and physically. Both of my parents are aged and in their 80s and I would like to come home to Canada before either of them pass away. I am living my worst nightmare of being financially vulnerable and unable to cope with my present situation.
In what I see as a totally illegal act by the United Emirates government, my Canadian Passport is being held since it is my belief that my passport is the legal property of the Canadian Government. A travel ban is also in effect pending the civil case filed by the initial Emirati Partner, Khalifa Zayed.
Without saying, this is a case of victimization by both Emiratis since the first Emirati Partner, Khalifa Zayed was privy to the agreement by the second Emirati Partner, Jassim Al Shehhi of which both of them signed in the presence of three witnesses and myself that the second Emirati is responsible for the payment of the cheque in question. It is also without doubt that the second partner maliciously closed the company and did not pay the said monies as agreed to in the contract.
Now, I am unable to work, go to the doctor, visit the hospital, renew my villa lease or car registration unless my passport is released to me or the Canadian Government.
Nothing can be done without my passport.
At this point I am desperate, depressed and must ask for the assistance of my family members for nourishment. Within one month I will be forced to leave the villa and we will be homeless in Dubai.
It is absolutely ridiculous that in five (5) years I cannot get justice nor leave the UAE.
It is with urgency that we ask for your intervention into the injustice that has been “dished out” to us.

I thank you in advance for your urgent assistance.
Muhammad Tariq Alkhattab