To the shopkeeper who ruined my day

Subject: To the shopkeeper who ruined my day
From: A really disappointed customer
Date: 11 Aug 2016

Please note, I am not a native speaker so I do apologize for mistakes.

Today, I went to the shop nearby to top up my oyster in Brockley (London).
I really liked this shop as it is close to us, the staff were welcoming and friendly and also the post office is there (all in one).

But the sale assistant has broken me in pieces today. This man who sees me every single day..., I went to pick stuffs up 2-3x a week... I never paid high amounts but I was really satisfied with them, so I choose them even if I knew the shop next to them sells the same product cheaper. Until now....

My husband was a bit tired and I have decided to surprise him with his favorite chocolate and a drink today. So I bought a kinder and a mango Rubicon and topped up my oyster.
After this while I was waiting for my change, the sale assistant told me: I should go to the gym and do exercises because I am getting bigger and fatty.

I could not even say anything because he (you) hurt me, truly I felt it in my bones.
This person who does not know me judging me. Why? I was so sad and left the shop immediately.

Just half an hour before this I was in the park with my beloved husband. We went to take some couple photos on our 1st year anniversary. I had have an amazing day until this point.

I made a wrong decision and I went to the wrong shop. This person ruined up my day.

I hope he knows who really I am. I hope he will read this and he will know he messed up my day. I wish he would feel just the half of the pain what I felt after he told me off. But after all, I don not think he has a heart.

It was a beautiful day. You have made it dirty. Just a couple of hour before I was talking with my grandmother and my cousins and they told me I lost so much weight (they have not seen me since Aug 2014).

Everyone around me (you know people who know me), realized something you have not.

I hope you know today is 11th August. SUMMER. I am still wearing ½ and ¾ and long sleeves blouses because the skin is so ugly on my arm, I hate it and you achieved to hate myself more. I was crying almost an hour because of you. Thank God, I have a super husband, who knows me and loves me like I am.

I have lost almost 10 kg since March 2016!!!! and you have decided to kick in me because `I do not mean it on that way. She is just like my sister!` I am really sorry I am not your sister. I WAS a customer.

When my husband went back to the shop and spoke to him, he wanted to apologize. I do not need your apologize, you should think before you talk.

I was a customer going there to buy something and pay for it. You are there to sell different products to the customers and make profit. EASY.

But I would like to tell you something. At the end I am going to win. You might broke me today but do not worry, happened many times before and I stand up ALWAYS. I will do it and at the lost your customer(s). I/We can spend my/our money somewhere else.

But I hope you know if I treated you, the way you treated me... You would hate me.

Keep your thoughts for yourself and serve the customers.

A really disappointed customer(because I am pretty sure you do not even know my name).