The Role of Parents in Improving the Future of their Children.

Subject: The Role of Parents in Improving the Future of their Children.
From: Iman Hayyawi Student at Grossmont College
Date: 25 Sep 2019

ESL 106
Sep. 18,2019
An open letter to the parents of high school students.
I am writing to make parents aware of their children online activities. These online activities can hurt student’s academic future and reduce their opportunities to be accepted in colleges.
There are many ways to help children succeed in college. Parents should care about their children. They want to see them succeed. I believe parents should observe their children to keep them out of complicit behaviors.
What parents should do to help their children succeed in college and in life? Parents should ask their children about school and their progress because a lot of students spend most of their time using Social Media. It is necessary that parents monitor their children’s online activity to avoid being dropped from colleges. Isaac Stanley-Becker in his article,” What Leads Harvard to rescind admission? Racism, Plagiarism-and Killing your mom,” asserts that “Over the years, Harvard has dropped a number of admitted students for a range of legal and ethical lapses, from accusations of sexual assault to revelations of plagiarism to participation in the online exchange of sexist and bigoted memes.” How should parents keep in communication with their children? Parent should keep in touch with their children to ask about them and their friends if they are good friends or not because friends can negatively affect their children. Parents have a great impact on their children. They can direct their children’s behavior to the right or wrong. Brennan Barnard, in his article, “End College Rankings: An Open Letter to The Owners and Editors of U.S.”, explains, “The student is under great pressure to just enroll at the top-ranked college that admits them -not the school they find to be the best personal match. Parents can be pushier on ratings than their students-they don’t have to live with the reality-they just get to add the rating into the Christmas letter to all their friends”. Also, parents need to keep in touch with teachers. So, they know what projects they work in their classes. Also, parents can observe their children online activities like playing games, you tube, phones, and PlayStation across when they talk with other people.
In sum, I advise parents that good treatment and contact with their children is important. That helps them to know what in their mind and how they think this will come a wonderful result. It is parent’s responsibility to be close to their children to build their good academic future.
Sincerely and respectfully,
Iman Hayyawi
106 ESL Student Grossmont College