Rizzo- Garbage Truck Route- Why pick up on one lane main roads during rush hour?

Subject: Rizzo- Garbage Truck Route- Why pick up on one lane main roads during rush hour?
From: Concerned Citizen-Liz
Date: 1 Aug 2016


I am an existing customer living in Keego Harbor, however my concern is more related to the route of one of your trucks in the West Bloomfield / Bloomfield Hills area. You have a truck scheduled to pick up along Middlebelt Rd south of Square Lake Road on Monday mornings between 7:30 – 8 AM. This route is causing major traffic problems on a 1 way road that today I observed a very close call for someone trying to pass this stopped garbage truck that came very close to resulting in a head on collision.

I believe part of why I observed this is because this truck is causing a serious traffic congestion on the main road, as most of this section of Middlebelt is a non-passing zone and opposite traffic is quite busy at this time of day. Please note that while the majority of this area is a no passing zone- I believe people are permitted to pass non-moving vehicles (which your vehicles make frequent complete stops- and the residents seem to have a high amount of items for them to pick up which takes time)- however while it’s permitted to pass, people should not be doing so because of the high amount of oncoming traffic, but that isn’t stopping them (clearly).

In summary, this route is creating major traffic and safety concerns. I would strongly urge you to review your policy on having trucks scheduled to pick up on busy main roads during high traffic times (7:30-9:30 AM, 4-6 PM) in general, and specifically on this route. No one, including your employees wants to be involved, creating circumstances that would result in , or witnessing accidents.

I would appreciate if you could share an update with me, I will also post this as an open letter on www.opnlttr.com (open letter) as well as your updates / responses.

Best Regards,