A reply to Faisal Qureshi on his comment on India

Subject: A reply to Faisal Qureshi on his comment on India
From: The Sensible Citizens of India
Date: 31 Aug 2015

Beti maine suna hai aap ek Pakistaani actor hain? Agar ye sacch hai to aapko itna to pata hi hoga ki movies mein acting ki jaati hai.
Showing Saif Ali Khan's previous movie clips and comparing it to the role in Phantom. Seriously? And you call yourself mature.
And I heard you talking about Hitting India hard in Cricket. Hmm. You should watch news more often, or is it banned too in PUKEistaan? Oh, I mean Pakistan.
You say that you are neither the ISI or the Army to say anything about terrorists in your country. But then again you are commenting on something which is the work of the Officials. (And then you call Arnab Goswami has lost his mind)
Being an actor you should be aware of the fact that movies are made for entertainment.
Zyada dil pe na lo beti.
And you talk about guts? if India starts to take any action, I'm afraid there won't be any Pakistan left on the World Map.
The movie's story is a fiction. It is a ficticious movie for godsake. Stop obsessing over it. There are so many movies that are made in Pakistan that defame India, but we don't react. Know why? Because we are mature and sensible enough. So shut it.
And don't forget that Pakistan was a part of India. We gave it to you. So don't you dare say anything about India taking your property.
You call Indians the wrong doers? Your country doesn't even allow the basic freedom to its citizens. Half of the sites like YouTube are banned. You ban all the movies. And you call us cowards? IRONY.
Now who's laughing?
I guess INDIA.
P.S. I think you should just stick to movies or TV serials or whatever it is that you do. Don't get involved in all this. It will be better for you.