the reality to the boy who thought he broke me

Subject: the reality to the boy who thought he broke me
From: Your thankful ex
Date: 14 Nov 2016

A thank you To the guy who thought he broke me:
Thank you.....

Thank you for breaking my heart
Thank you for cheating on me and hiding it for so long
Thank you for leaving me out of the blue
Thank you for leaving me with questions unanswered
Thank you for making me come to terms with reality

There is this saying that "if you lose someone, but find yourself, you won"

At this point I am proud to say that I have won

Well here we are months after I thought life would not carry on. At the time I thought you were the only one who could make me happy, and make life fun.

I have come to learn that I am beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart. I never ever deserved to be treated and dogged up the way you did to me. You did me wrong, but I have come to realize that it may have hurt then but it taught me a valuable lesson. So thank you for teaching me.

I now know my worth, how I am supposed to be treated, and most importantly how strong I truly am. I was able to overcome heartbreak, which was not easy but I am beyond happy with the way my life is now without you.

I spent months waiting a round for you while you were out having fun and random hookups. While that may be your definition of fun it is not mine.

Fun to me was our Friday and Saturday night dinner dates followed by a movie at home til we both fell asleep. Or our late night car rides to Cumberland farms for a milkshake and Pringles. I never needed the whole partying scene. You got a taste of it and want the whole meal.

This maybe what your definition of fun is, but it will never be mine. I was able to love you and have fun without the liquid courage that you needed.

Living without you got easier as I learned to love myself, and taught me how to be happy. Thank you for making me do this. Without being able to make myself happy and love myself no real man will ever be able to do this.

It was hard when I learned that you had cheated on me for over a year, but this only taught me. I never deserved that, I was so loyal when in reality I had guys always hitting me up. I never once payed any attention to these guys Because I only ever had eyes for you because I loved you.

I guess it comes down to you not truly loving me, but once again THANK YOU for not loving me properly. Now once real love comes I know it will sweep me off my feet.

Every girl needs that first everything, including heartbreak to teach her ! For me this was you. You will always be the boy who taught me what not to look for! I need a man and you unfortunately will never grow up and be a man.

For now I am very pleased with the direction my life is heading in. I am doing well in school, and soccer has taken me so far. It went well beyond what I ever thought was possible. I am in a good place, I am content with life right now. I haven't been this happy in a while, I mean genuinely smiling and happy.

Life will carry on and keep moving on, and while I may be single now I won't be forever. You jumped into another relationship to fill the void of what we had. I however don't want another relationship to pass time. I am looking for my forever, my Prince Charming. He will come along soon enough and sweep me off my feet. He will make me understand why it never worked with anyone else.

Just know that while you thought you broke me and That i needed you none of it was ever true. I am a strong independent woman, who can survive on her own. You may think that I am still sulking over you and can't move on because I don't have another relationship, but I have been on plenty of dates and have talked to plenty of people.

We broke up once and you came back. It was easier for me to just take you back than stand my ground. But now it's too far gone! If you ever think about me just know I am doing way better without you than I ever did with you. So do us both a favor and just forget me and everything we had.

I wish your current girlfriend the best of luck! Once a cheater always a cheater !

I am truly beautiful inside and out, and I AM NOT BROKEN.

THANK YOU for being the boy who showed what to look for in a man

-Sincerely your ex who you thought you broke , but you only helped