Real Love

Subject: Real Love
From: Jacog
Date: 10 Oct 2015

1 Corinthians 13:8. Love NEVER fails! Real love, (and only real love) will never fail. But it must be accepted and reciprocated in a very real way, (between two people) for it truly not to fail. If real love exists for just one in a relationship, it will not be strong enough to sustain the hardships of life. This is proven in the love of Christ, in that to be saved by his love, you must accept his love(and the fact that he is the son of GOD) to be saved from your sins and be able to enter into to heaven. In both the case of Jesus' and the sinner, it is action and sacrifice(not just feelings) that triggers the kind of love that never fails. With Jesus dying on the cross as his action and sacrifice, and the sinners accepting Jesus and the Holy spirit into his own spirit, as well as sacrificing his own will, for God's will. For true love not to fail, it must be shown with action, and given with sacrifice, (from two entities not just one). As well as grown and nurtured like a living organism. Love shouldn't be something that is shown and given when one feels like it, thinks it is convenient, or given just because a person feels they will, or should be given something in return. Real love isn't love, until given away, and given in a sacrificing and unselfish manner......................... Anything less is not real love, but merely infatuation. Love doesn't run-out, it doesn't stop and start, doesn't physically harm, and doesn't degrade. If this is happening, it is ok to love from a distance, until the other person shows a change, shows that they are willing to do what is good and right in making the relationship whole again, as well as willing to correct their mistakes. Mistakes can and will be made, but as long as there is knowledge gained, change implemented, and growth fostered, then love can survive. Real love never surrenders, doesn't give up, and will overcome life's fiercest storms.

So who do you really love? Who do you, and would you, willingly sacrifice for? Have some one in mind? Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle or Bestie, share this with them, let me them know you will never give up on them, and that will always you love and be there for them. You may not get another chance. #RealLove