Re: The one I couldn't take (If it's really you)

Subject: Re: The one I couldn't take (If it's really you)
From: The one you CAN take
Date: 8 Jun 2017

My sweet handsome man, I hope and pray that I'm right and this is you.

I want you to know that I am still here. I told you more than once that I wasn't going anywhere. You need to know that yes you are strong enough. You got out once, you can do it again. I don't blame you for what you did. I forgive you. I understand. I only wish you would have been honest with me. We would have worked it out, figured out something together. We still can. There is nothing that can't be undone, but you have got to be brave enough my love. All you need to do is open up to me. You can still call, text, email me. Just do it. You need to know that you really are my soul mate. We give each other something that no one else can. My love for you runs deeper than any harsh words that have been said between us, any wrongs we have done to one another. Do not feel like you are stuck. You can do this, WE can do this together. All we have to do is just throw our fears aside. I don't care what anyone else says, what anyone thinks. You have been my life for the last few years, and I want that to continue. I want to grow old with you. I want us to have that happy life we were so looking forward to. You've fulfilled your duty where you are. It's time honey. It's time for you to finally have the peace and the love and respect and passion that you so deserve. You know that I think you are incredible. That has never changed. Nothing for me has changed. I just want you. All of you, because you still have all of me. There will never be another who could take your place. You have to know babe please just be brave. We can do this, we can do it together. It's worth it, I promise. YOU are worth it to me. Don't worry about what she says or threatens to do. They are just words. She doesn't own you and that's just something she's going to have to deal with. Besides, she does not deserve any more of your time. She has never shown you the respect you deserve. She has never treated you like you should be. And we both know that she will never make you feel the way I do.
So baby I'm begging you. Let's just say to heck with it and throw caution to the wind. Everyone will come around sooner or later.
So make that phone call, send that text/email. Just do it! All you have to do is send me a message with a day and time, and I will meet you there, at our old morning coffee stop. I promise you that I will be by your side no matter how difficult it gets and we will get through it together. Don't waste another summer putting up with the same old crap, the bad treatment. Don't waste any more time on someone who doesn't deserve it.
You remember when I said it's always been you? That's the honest truth. I still mean that. It will always be you. Let's suffer no more. It's time. You CAN do this. You ARE brave enough. I know it.
I love you babe, I always will...until the day after eternity.