To the person who showed me what being loved feels like

Subject: To the person who showed me what being loved feels like
From: Your first girlfriend
Date: 24 Jun 2016

It's been a month and, well, I'm alive and breathing, I think you are too. I miss you but I don't really know, you know.
I was thinking about how much I miss you like 2 weeks ago. You unknowingly healed my scars, and honestly, I wanted to tell you what those scars were, and I wanted to heal any scars you have. I'm pretty sure you do. Your stepbrother certainly does.
And then I realized, hey, we don't even know each other that much.
I loved you. And you loved me. But we didn't know that much about each other. In fact, I'd showed you a lot of my heart considering the little time we had.
I wish we had more time together, but I probably wouldn't have been able to survive it. I would have hurt you and hurt myself again. I'm happy that at least that didn't happen. I don't want to be remembered by you as the first girl to hurt you so bad.
So, after that, I don't miss you as much. I miss the adrenaline, your hands, I miss your presence, I miss being loved. But not too much that it drives me crazy. I don't really think that much about you anymore. I don't feel so guilty about complimenting other guys' eyes and hands anymore. You probably noticed that I really have a thing for eyes and hands. You have pretty eyes and pretty hands. Yeah, I remember telling you this.
Remember the first guy I told you about? Well, I wanted to be the person he was to me to somebody else. I don't think that grammatically made sense, but I hope you get it. And I feel like I was to you. I'm sorry I couldn't reciprocate the love you made me feel, but you'll meet the one who will soon enough. Thank you. You made me feel so much better.

Find the love of your life. I dare you.