To The Person Who Almost Hit Me With Their Car

Subject: To The Person Who Almost Hit Me With Their Car
From: The Man Who Was Almost Hit By Your Car
Date: 25 May 2017

To The Lady Who Ran Through The Intersection While I Was Half Way Through It
To the person who ran through a crosswalk while I was half way through it. You nearly killed me, three feet in front of me and I would have been hit by your car. This was very inconsiderate of you. Looking back on the incident I notice that there were three things that could have prevent the risk of any life,they are knowing that it doesn’t take that long for a person to cross the intersection, being aware of those around you, and that this intersection is frequented by children because of the elementary school a quarter of a mile away.
Running through the intersection you may have saved five seconds of your life but at what cost? Even though the at that specific time the cost was minimal, no one got hurt, what is going to stop you from running through a crosswalk and actually hitting someone? This is not justification for anyone to continue to run through crosswalk or intersections, “because every other time no one got hurt!” I understand that no one likes to be stopped or inconvenience when trying to get somewhere on a day to day basis. However walking across that intersection takes me about ten seconds. So when I was halfway through the intersection and a you decided to run through and almost kill me, all because you couldn’t wait 5 seconds. That is extremely selfish of you and inconsiderate to those who choose to walk to their destinations.
When I was crossing the street you didn’t appear to see me walking at all. You didn’t slow down or give any indication that you saw me. Let me set the scene for you. I was walking across at the crosswalk, not jaywalking or any of the sort within the white stripes that denote the crosswalk. Then your grey car comes running through the intersection not even slowing down, and misses me by three feet. I am six feet tall carrying a three foot long longboard that is a pale yellow color, it’s about two o’clock in the afternoon so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have stopped. Yet you went through the intersection like no one was there. I understand that occasionally people space out while driving. However at this particular intersection there happens to be an elementary school a quarter of a mile away. So I am not going to take any excuses from any driver that doesn’t notice people walking in this area.
Children, no issue is complete without the old “think of the children” argument. Well in this case that argument has never been more valid a point. Elementary schoolers don’t have the two things that saved me from being hit by your car, life experience and spacial awareness. If a child had run out into the intersection you would have hit and seriously injured that child. With my life experience I saw your car coming to the intersection and was able to make a judgement call and see that you weren’t going to stop for me, so I stopped myself from walking forward. A elementary schooler wouldn’t have made the right decision so that no one was hurt. There life is in your lines when they cross an intersection with your car driving towards them.
While this advice goes to anyone reading this letter who drives a car. I want you all to understand the how devastating your choice of saving five seconds worth of time can be. The goal of this letter isn’t to patronize anyone who drives a car by saying none of you are good enough. The goal here is to inform you on how to make a better decision. So that when you do get behind the wheel of your car and are going to wherever you may be going, that you are made aware of those around you. Then that the next time you go through and intersection you take a moment to see if anyone is crossing, because it could be the difference between a child having a full life, or cutting it short. With that final thought I bid you save travels to you and those around you. I hope that you stop next time you see a pedestrian crossing the street.
Best Regards,
The Man Who Was Almost Hit By A Car.