To the person I love, but won't give me a chance

Subject: To the person I love, but won't give me a chance
Date: 15 Jul 2017

I'm not mad, or upset, just confused.
You say all you've ever wanted is to be happy, well I don't know if I can achieve that, but you better believe that I will try with all the power I can muster to make you happy. So with that in mind why not give me a chance to prove that? What do you really have to lose?

I don't get why people will voluntarily miss out on a chance at happiness, if that's all they really want. Like if you're feeling down and someone wants to make you feel better, why ignore that? What does that get you? It just makes you feel even worse. It also make the person trying feel like never trying again.

Look I get that you're going through hell currently, to be honest I'm there too. so why not go through it together? What's the worst that can happen? You getting hurt? I'd hurt myself a thousand times over before I'd even think about hurting you.

Yours sincerely, if you'll have me...