To people that are no longer in my life -

Subject: To people that are no longer in my life -
Date: 17 Apr 2018

From middle school to current day, my life has taken many paths. I am not the same person I was back then - I am more independent, not seeking approval and living my life to the fullest. I don't think I have had a genuine friend till I graduated - I mean sure, I had best friends in school but as soon as you don't see them every day, things change. That is fine. I don't hold grudges or wish things were the same. I am good.

Some times you drift away from people who don't have the same goals/views as you. Perfectly okay. What is not okay, is being a controlling and overbearing friend. Unfortunately, I was exposed to many of those and now that they are no longer in my life - I am thriving. I don't wish evil upon them, just that they simply stay away from me.

Don't let people who 1) left you 2) blame you 3) treat you like crap try and make you feel any less of a person that you are. YOU have every right to grow apart from people. Be independent. LIVE AND LOVE YOUR LIFE. Quite frankly, the only approval that matters is your own. :)