Date: 3 May 2018

I don't know, maybe someone can help me understand the whole concept of manners? I was raised in a very strict but respectable household where we were taught "please", "thank you", how to hold the doors for others, etc.

Why is it that it seems parents don't teach them anymore? I cannot tell you how many times the past week I had a brat talk back to me (they were a cashier and rang my stuff up wrong), or even let the door slam in my face. My biggest pet peeve is when people act like they have no prior training in what manners actually are.

I hate that social media and electronics have taken over the youth, I honestly think that is one of the reasons everything is so effed up. There is such a lack of respect for adults, authority, you name it. They want to be "grown" but can't act slightly educated or even an ounce respectable.

IF YOUR CHILD IS A BRAT OR CANNOT SPEAK WITHOUT AN ATTITUDE - FIX IT. I am so tired of seeing/hearing parents say they don't know where their child picked up the attitude/habits. YOU. THEY GET IT FROM YOU. Parents are a prime example for their children and if they didn't get it from you- then they got it from someone closer to them.

This generation has nothing but "social media" slobs, ignorant children and adults who look the other way yet get furious when you tell them how to parent.