Outrage over Audi Super Bowl Ad

Subject: Outrage over Audi Super Bowl Ad
From: Jennifer Dominick
Date: 7 Feb 2017

Prof. Stadler,

As a woman, I now know that when I walked into the Audi store in Arlington I was viewed as less than the man that walked in right after me. I now know that it must have been a huge surprise to your salespeople that I purchased this car (Audi Q7 Prestige with EVERY option) without my husband or father with me. I see how Audi views women in the world. You made it very clear with your ridiculous Super Bowl ad showing how women, in your eyes, are less compared to men. Not only was it completely sexist, you tried to make it justifiable by ending the ad with some sort of “hope” that “…maybe I will tell her something different.” Oh, how magnanimous of you! Maybe, that is the view in your company. It doesn’t surprise me that your entire board is made up of only men. Maybe, that is the view in your social settings. No matter what, this ad reflects on you because you, as COB, are ultimately responsible for this demeaning ad. I know that because, I too am the COB of a company. (Yes, it must be hard to believe that a woman can actually hold that position).

To say that I’m furious is an understatement. More to the point, is that I’m disappointed. Disappointed that in a world where women in some countries are raped, beaten, and beheaded all because of their gender, you chose to focus on perceived financial stereotype of a woman. You even had the misguided notion to suggest that a woman in a marriage was worth less than a man. As if the only thing that defines women is the balance in her checkbook. Shameful! Contrary to your beliefs as a company, women don’t feel lesser to a man unless you tell us we are. Which you did. In full color…with commentary.

I’m not only embarrassed to drive my car, I will be getting rid of my Audi and buying a brand that celebrates me as a female buyer. In a world, full of choices, I’m making mine. No more Audi. It’s a shame…It’s a beautiful car. I cannot financially support a company that has such poor judgement about the female role in society. You’ve also made a great buying question for me at Range Rover or Mercedes or Jaguar; “What did you think of the Audi commercial depicting a woman as less than men?”

Jennifer Dominick