An Open Love Letter to all Front Desk Heroes

Subject: An Open Love Letter to all Front Desk Heroes
From: The Proxyclick Team
Date: 7 Mar 2016

Dear Front Desk Hero,

It might come as a bit of a surprise, but we have wanted to dedicate a letter to you for quite a while now. If you know us, even a little, you are probably thinking what took us so long? And you are right, it was long overdue.

But if you have not been following our journey, this may sound very confusing.

Let us explain:

At Proxyclick, our mission is to bring hospitality into the corporate world and help companies manage their visitors. In simple words, we replace the paper signing-in book with an iPad at the reception.

What has this got to do with you?


Because you have constantly inspired us throughout our whole story and helped us more to grow and shine than you will ever know.

You taught us about the importance of moments.

It is a problem solved that a guest thought was unsolvable. It is remembering the visitor’s name’s correct pronunciation (while his mother-in-law still says it wrong).

So a big problem becomes small. And small moments become big. And utterly, just like the butterfly effect, the journey of the visitor is changed forever.

We also learned from you that technology can never and should never replace the human warmth of a welcome. You opened our eyes to see technology as to what it is. An enabler that enhances the people-to-people experience.

In fact, this very realization that a visitor experience without human contact is soulless, made us decide to never sacrifice the human touch with our product, but to always empower it.

So it became our main focus; whether we add new features, adapt to regional habits or integrate new smart notifications. It helped us to grow and brought us to where we are today.

And for this fundamental insight we will be always grateful to you.

Thank you for caring about hospitality as much as we do.

Thank you for showing us how to master first impressions as soon as the visitor walks into the building. To multi-task with a smile. To step into the therapist/bartender-role when a visitor needed you to be it. To be a great host!

On the behalf of the whole team: Thank you for being a Front Desk Hero! The world needs you!

The Proxyclick Team

P.S. We love you!