An Open Letter:I Just Don't Understand People

Subject: An Open Letter:I Just Don't Understand People
From: Reality Check
Date: 7 Jul 2016

I just don't understand people. What happened to the days when people were considerate, kind and genuine? It appears as the years go by people become selfish, mean, cold, rude and self absorbed. Recently I opened the door for an older gentleman who yelled at me for being polite? I mean I couldn't believe I was yelled at because I wanted to be considerate. Most of the time I hold the door open or an elevator door open and I never get a thank you...most of the time the person has his or her head glued to their phone. I mean...really is it that serious? So frustrating.
Well, I can go on for days about why I am pissed off because it seems I'm in that mind frame a lot lately living her in lovely Califakenia...Oh I mean California...sorry.
I have a tale the tell that infuriates me to no end and consumes me because I don't understand what type of a person could be so cold.
I could literally write a novel over what happened but I prefer to get to the point. My grandfather died one year ago. It would have been nice to go to the funeral but his wife, not my grandmohther, decided to hide him for years from the family and bury him without inviting his children, grandchildren and great grandchild to the funeral. None of us knew he was even ill. We searched for him for years. We begged the police department, elder abuse and various attorneys to help us and because my grandfathers wife would literally move him from location to location , state to state, country to country we were not able to get any assistance from anyone. No one cared. No one would help. What was the end result? A distant relative called me at 6am in the morning and asked me if I heard my grandfather died and was buried. I had no idea. He was in a state that was only a 6 hour drive from my house. No one helped us, no one could find him and the worst part his wife never once called us to tell us my grandfather was sick and dying. To this day she has yet to call us and tell us he died. She has no idea we even know of his death. She never let us say goodbye, she never let us be there while he was suffering and she didn't have enough consideration to invite his biological family to the funeral. This was planned and calculated. Once he was losing his memory and got very ill in 2012 she changed all phone numbers and took off. She made it impossible to find her. Who does that? I will tell you who...someone who eventually cleared out all of his accounts and made sure to get a power of attorney to close trust accounts.
I can't believe we could not get help, I can't believe not one attorney would be so kind to help us. I try to remain optimistic about people and life but as I get older I'm losing faith in people and on the verge of being bitter. I know this story is not unique when money is involved people will do evil cruel things. I'm just saying it would have been nice to get some support from an agency that could have possibly helped us. And one more thing...trying to get the media to help is a fat joke. There used to be a time where a reporter would love a story like this now a days it's not Kim Kardashian or Donald Trump enough.