Open letter from Westbourne School to parents of St John's, Porthcawl

Subject: Open letter from Westbourne School to parents of St John's, Porthcawl
From: Ken Underhill and Carol Clint
Date: 8 Jul 2015

Dear Parents We were very sorry to hear news of the closure of St John's. You will be understandably devastated and you have our sincerest sympathies for the disruption this will involve to your children's education and your daily lives. We have always regarded st John's as a kindred spirit, with a similarly strong sense of community and family ethos, standing apart with us from other independent schools in the area.

We understand that stability and continuity will be paramount in your mind. As most of you will know, your previous headteacher Mrs Carol Clint joined us at Westbourne as our head of junior school in April and has settled in very quickly as part of the Westbourne family.

All of us at Westbourne - and Mrs Clint in particular - would like to help you at this dicult time if at all possible.

To this end, from September, Westbourne will: 1. Run an additional bus route from Cowbridge/Bridgend to Westbourne every morning and returning after school 2. Honour the fees for ex-St John's pupils for 2014-15 as advertised on the St John's website, including any existing scholarships and/or bursaries, subject to our usual entry requirements and scholarship/ bursary policies. Bus fees will be included in these fees 3. From 2015-16 onwards, fees will only rise at the same percentage rate as for all other Westbourne pupils if joining Westbourne may be of interest to you, please call Mrs Clint or our Principal, Mr Ken Underhill, on 029 2070 5705 to arrange a condential discussion.

In whatever path you now choose for your children, we wish you all the very best through this uncertain time.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Underhill and Carol Clint