a open letter to twitter ceo Jack Dorsey

Subject: a open letter to twitter ceo Jack Dorsey
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Mar 2018

I really wondering if you have any real plans of trying to stop russians personal of planting or putting hateful misinformed out on twitter. Somehow russians is doing what they want to disrupt people whether is upcoming elections or to destroy democracy of believing in the politicians that is for the people in the u.s! I know you can't stop russians but, you can view & see what they are promoting online when it comes hateful messages etc that could harm innocent people! Donald Trump is in the whitehouse due to russians interference with false info hateful messages low turnout of minorities etc but, russians made it clear they're going to continue to do the same things putting out false info hateful messages etc so if you care about safe practices & the users of twitters's users then you would fine a way to stop russians for their continuing actions on social media with hateful& misinformed messages etc !