open letter to sylvania products

Subject: open letter to sylvania products
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 10 Sep 2020

I'm writing to the sylvania management of one of their products that I purchase few years ago a laptop that is ineffective product that hasn't boosted . Several times I reach out to the 800 number to talk to a representative about the product instead I talk to a dateline service bull sh*t .this isn't a way to business when a customer purchase a product from your company and you give customers a turnaround . You should be reported to the better business personally that's my option to report sylvania to the better business bureau . What do sylvania have to say to yourselves about screwing over a customer for profit!? I take a little blame should have contacted sylvania kept my receipt where I can turn it back to your company for a full refund . You have some new products out right now just wondering if they're effective or ineffective like my sylvania laptop ?I knowest you don't have no eight-hundred number on the back of your CD's holder item nor a address just in case a customer purchase the item & it doesn't work they can't return it for a refund nor contact sylvania to return the item for a refund! You company perhaps are a bunch of frauds selling perhaps bad products to consumers for profits! just my view!