An OPEN LETTER to Successful Nigerians (Home And Abroad) who God has blessed!

Subject: An OPEN LETTER to Successful Nigerians (Home And Abroad) who God has blessed!
Date: 9 Feb 2016

An OPEN LETTER to Successful Nigerians (Home And Abroad) who God has blessed!

Greetings Sir/Ma.

With all due respect and humility, I'd like to first and foremost appreciate your time to read this letter. I sincerely do understand your loads of engagements so i'll try and make this letter as brief as possible.

But I beg that you are kind enough to spare few minutes of your time to read and kind enough to respond thereafter. Your response is what I sincerely crave for. Even if you have to instruct your personal assistant or your secretary to reply this letter.

I am Amb Samuel Olusegun AFOLABI, a Young Passionate Serial Entrepreneur, A Career Counsellor For Teenagers, A Writer/Author, An OAP, and a Thought Leader.

In few words, Sam is a Young Super- Ambitious Nigerian full of electrifying Energy!

I write a Special Request to you on behalf of many super Hard-Working and hyper creative Nigerian Youths who sincerely Needs Encouragements, Mentorship, Advice and most importantly, financial Support.

Permit to to start by actually celebrating you for how far you have come Sir/Ma. You are indeed an Hero and we HONOUR You. I know you must have walked through many lonely times over the years before the glitz and glamour now. I know it probably hasn't been an easy ride to success. Several setbacks, dissapointments, rejections and many more heart-breaking experiences you must have been through. But today, i thank God today for His blessings in your life. I pray for greater blessings and good health to enjoy every seed you have sown sir/ma. (amen)‎

I write you this day to plead with you on behalf of my many friends ( Nigerian Youths - YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS PARTICULARLY). We really do need your help, and we deeply beg for it. Please hear us out Sir/Ma

I am actually begging on behalf of thousands of Nigerian youths (your family/neighbourhood) and adults who are unemployed and under-employed. I am begging on behalf of many Nigerian Entrepreneurs whose creative ideas are suffering due to lack of start-up funds.

I am begging because I was once like them for over 6years. I struggled to pay bills despite studying a fantastic course 'Marine Engineering' at one of the best private Maritime Academy in Nigeria, yet couldn't get a job on the Ship. I was forced to do all kinds of hard labour jobs including hawking just to survive. It was really tough for me.

I am begging on behalf of my friends who are still struggling to find their feet because I know how tough life could be for someone who has all the energy, creativity he/she needs to become great but just couldn't get the little push (financially) to get started.

I really do beg that you consider INVESTING on few of these people. Truth be told, you have done so much Sir/Ma, but I am pleading that you please do more. Sir/Ma, we need great Leaders like you to use your good office to HELP and more importantly to speak to other great Nigerians (Your friends) who God has blessed to INVEST on youths. The numbers of Nigerian Youth struggling is still quite high.

I am pleading that you INVEST on 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 or more of the young people in your own family/neighbourhood (I'm sure you have a whole lot of them reaching out to you daily). I have tagged this initiative "THRIVE9ja" Youth Initiative. @THRIVE9ja

THRIVE - an acryonm for [Teach • Help • Raise • Invest • Value • Embrace] Nigerian Youth.

I strong believe that Nigerian Youths should be tutored, helped, raised, invested on, Valued and above all, Embraced!

However, i particularly emphasise on INVESTMENT rather than Empowerment because I want this offer strictly for 'serious' people. Rather than give them cash that they may squander because they know you gave it as a gift. They should be accountable for the investment capital with an ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT).

Investing in People will not only liberate us as a person, it will also liberate thousands of lives we are surrounded with and ultimately transform our economy thereby placing us as high networth individuals in the global market. So rather than give us fish, give us hooks so we can continually catch fish.

Sir/Ma, i know you are always looking out for more ways to be a blessing to our generation and that is why I wrote you this letter.

The GOAL is to see that UNEMPLOYMENT and UNDEREMPLOYMENT is curbed to its barest minimum. Figures from the 2015 third quarter report on unemployment and under employment by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that unemployment in the country rose by more than 1.4m. This figure is really scary, pls come to our rescue.

I know you genuinely like to help more people but may be restrained maybe because the few you had done may have been abused. This is why I ask that rather than empowerment (cash gift), INVEST in us, we are bankable!

‎Help us Sir/Ma. Be Kind to Help Us. We can't fight this monster called poverty alone. We need you to believe in us and help us. All I ask on thier behalf is just few minutes of your time for me to explain this great initiative to you sir.‎ I promise i'll blow your mind on this sir.

I strongly believe this is the PERFECT time to consider INVESTING on Nigerian youth (PARTICULARLY YOUR FAMILY) because honestly we have more serious minded youths now who just need a little PUSH to get started and become successful.

So once again, I ask that you please consider our plea. As many people as you can INVEST on is fine. It is an investment that will bring multiple dividends in cash and in happiness.

I know You stand for "Kindness". I strongly believe you are a Man/Woman with an heart of Gold. You have done more than enough to put your name on the heart of every Nigerian youth by fighting through defeat to become successful. You are a TRUE Patriot. Pls Stand Up for Us!


Nigeria Shall THRIVE!!!

Thank you so much for your time devoted to reading this letter. I'll be readily available to defend/show any required proof to validate my personality and the sincerity of my request.

I do HONOUR You Sir. May You Continue to Enjoy God's Blessings in All that You Do.

I Look Forward to your response!

Sincerely Yours,

Lifestyle Coach| Speaker|Author|Radio/Tv Talkshow Host | Thought Leader

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