Open letter to SGB members

Subject: Open letter to SGB members
From: Panyaza Lesufi
Date: 8 Jul 2015

Dear SGB member,

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The Gauteng department of education has had to deal with a massive inflow of pupils seeking better education and that has put its system under pressure, the provinvcial deputy director general says.
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We, the Department of Education, the provincial government and citizens of this province thank you for your energy and good intentions. I know you have yet to attend leadership courses at the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance, but hope this clarification of your role will help you serve us with the distinction

. These are your key performance indicators:

* Your job is to represent the community and make sure school policies and the curriculum are implemented.

* You are not doing the job for the money. You do it out of a sense of service because you believe our children deserve a better future and, by giving our children a better future, our country will have a brighter future.

* Working together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to change schools for the better.

* You are to follow corporate governance procedures to help fill vacant posts and not get your buddies a job or persuade individual staff members that they should report to you.

* Wherever possible, you are to help raise funds for the school and make sure they are used for the intended purposes.

* Serve on a board that believes in teamwork, and which represents your community, not your personal needs.

* Talk up the importance of the school’s vision and mission and its successes in meeting its goals.

n Pay attention to the big picture of the school’s mission and guide staff into policies that keep the school on course.

* Remember teachers and administrators of the school are professionals fighting on the front line against odds. Please help.

* Be a leader who recognises that one basic value is caring for each other, that we will all succeed or fail together.

Yours sincerely

Panyaza Lesufi