Open Letter to

Subject: Open Letter to
From: Annonymous Villain
Date: 3 May 2019

May 30, 2019
To the CEO,

The company recently had lots people leaving for reasons like being mismanaged, blamed and not being taught or empowered well enough. Burdening every staff, leading them to move on or choose another career path.

Observing the GM’s way of decision making concerning certain areas/issues in the office, I must say that she is both objective and subjective, or both good and bad. Good because of her discernment of what’s just and right, and Bad because most of the time from how I hear her speak towards other people in the company, especially for people that she dislikes.

I think one of the main reasons is the upper management’s inability to understand the workforce and its implementation, that basic employee rights is being ignored. From what I can understand is that the General Manager had a little to no experience regarding this area and failed to see that she promoted someone that is proved inexperienced in the area of Human Resource area.

I’m just imagining that If this area alone was sorted with the capable personnel, things like high attrition rate or unmotivated or mismanaged staff that’re leaving Saver6 that normally don’t happen with proper staff in place.

Along with this is the increased redundancy of Time-in (Tanda, written logbook, and biometric scanner; and reporting (individual google spreadsheet task reporting aside from basecamp, on top of the already tedious Task board and Basecamp report w/c is proved to be added time to perform. All previous reporting practices can just be maximized and be thoroughly checked by the HR staff w/c we did in the past that have been proven to work. All the redundancy results in additional time and adds further confusion to office staff on top of their challenging roles already.

Another thing recently is that she tasked the HR to rearrange the basecamp without double checking if the HR staff really understood how to do the document arrangement in Basecamp. Now our Basecamp’s ‘Docs and Files’ are in total mess as for everyone that says to have seen how the ‘re-arrangement’ of documents and assets turned out. Everyone that knows where to find the preciously done document/asset management, including the Au staff that we’re able to see it now and how they reacted when they saw how it turned out. Along with this mess, the HR after re-arranging the assets did not inform everyone in writing or in a form of doc, which files went to where… A really pain in the a** if you ask me.

Also, with the GM’s lack of basic knowledge in the Social media area and its best practices, she did not help the team grow and bring out the best results of the practice we’ve been doing. Now the staff in the TM department is reduced to few and now is finding hard to cope even with new recruits. Same with the people in other departments that she mistakenly thinks of not working.

Honestly, her claiming to have come from a software company, I thought that she will push for certain departments to have subscription or licensed software and not rely on bootleg software which can hurt the company really bad in the process or in the future. Also suggesting for Facebook Ads to produce better results than just organic has been the constant suggestion in either TM or Web departments, which were never tried or materialized.

There are also couple of time I’ve witnessed that to escape a blame in a meeting with the CEO, the General Manager would often dis out people in the process and claim that he did her work but in reality, have overlooked it. I’ve heard office staff talking behind her back, telling how pathetic she is and that she sells out people in a meeting if she needs to secure herself, pouring out all the blame on her subordinates.

My honest opinion that the company just need to let this person go, because this person will continue to bring about mishaps like people leaving Saver6 or Labor agency related issues because of the way she does things. This letter is not about pointing at or pinning down the current GM but rather a concern letter for the entirety of the company, its CEO, and all of the staff. What Saver6 needs now is a better General Manager and HR practitioner/s than the current that doesn’t lack in the areas that were mentioned.

Very sincerely yours,
- Concerned employee