Open Letter to Sachin & Binny Bansal !!!

Subject: Open Letter to Sachin & Binny Bansal !!!
From: khusvant Gulsan
Date: 19 Sep 2016

Hi Sachin & Binny

I have been a regular flipkart customer since 2010 and purchased items worth few lakhs. It might be a small amount for you but its pretty huge for a student and then a middle class people like me.

Now this is regarding an order on flipkart which I placed on 04th sep 2015, for a Samsung Galaxy A7 worth 24900. I bought this phone for my younger brother on his birthday.
The phone worked lmost finre for few onths and then it had some technical issue with front camera, and was sent to servie centre. They returned the phone back in few days and for some months again the worked fine and the same issue resurfaced in june end and also the sensore of the phone stopped working. On 25th August 2016 my brother went to service centre along with the bill and asked them to repair the phone. The service centre person accepted the phone to be repaired underwarranty as he went along with the flipkart invoice.

But After 3-4 days my brother got a call from the service centre stating that the phone was out of warranty as the purchase date of phone shown in their database was of 28th march 2015 and the warranty expired on 27th march 2016 and I will have to pay around 6000 INR for the repair work.

My brother called me regarding this and I called flipkart customer care for the same, where I was assured that my issue will be resolved in next 2 days. But again after 2 days I received a mail from flipkart saying that they would take two more days and so on. In between my brother went to the service centre where he came to know that the mobile which was sent to me was being used before he place the order and was a refurbished handset.

Again he clled me with the details and I updated flikart on that and within 2-3 days flipkart came with an resolution that they will refund me the amount I paid for the phone but in return I will have to return back the phone.

As the phone was with service centre, I asked them for the phone but they said that as the phone was already repaired and so I will have to pay 6000 to get that phone.

When I called flipkart regarding this, they said that in any way I will have to get that phone in order to get the refund.

Now what I to know is:

1. Why should I pay that 6000 to service cntre, What is my fault ?

Yes, I made a mistake that I ordered the prone from flipkart, I dont think I am at any fault other than this.

2. Instead of forcing me to pay the bill, why not flipkart is forcing the seller to pay for it and in case the seller in denying or not responding(as told by customer care executive), or taking legal action on the seller who did this.

You can easily book him on the charge of fraudulence with customer.

One of your executive told me over phone that I should contact the seller in person as the seller is not responding to flipkart's mails and calls and asked even to contact samsung for an resolution.

I was made to call samsung while one of your executive was on other phone, but the samsung person told that they cant do anything on this.

3. My bother is without a phone from past 25 days, why flipkart never shown any proactiveness in resolving the issue.

4. What I should expect from flipkart now ?

5. We have 4 parties in this scenario:

a. Customer i.e. Me
b. Seller
c. Flipkart
d. Samsung i.e Brand

Why Only I am liable of paying the amount and why others are not ?
Please anser these queries for me.

If I find any satisfactory reply, I will never ever ask for any thing from flipkart on this matter.

Hope you will value my time, faith and concern which I invested in flipkart for many years.