OPEN LETTER TO THE ROYAL MAIL POSTMAN -South Street walk. Eastbourne [mainly the young tall one, less so the bald shorter one]

Subject: OPEN LETTER TO THE ROYAL MAIL POSTMAN -South Street walk. Eastbourne [mainly the young tall one, less so the bald shorter one]
From: A customer reminding you of the Equality Act and Reasonable Adjustments
Date: 25 Aug 2016

25 Aug 2016

Equality law requires that those providing services HAVE A DUTY to make reasonable adjustments for disabled service users.

To fail to do so is discriminatory.

See the enclosed print out.

I must thank you for your repeated refusal to knock on my door so I can

1)hear you knock
2)have sufficient time to walk from my bed -it's too painful to sit or stand- not that it's any of your fucking business- to my front door - all EIGHT FEET of the distance.

"put a bell" you say.
There IS a bell at the ground floor entrance. Right next to where you tie up your trolley.


I cannot put an additional bell on the stairs as it will invite further abuse and harassment from neighbours and their visitors.

I AM NOT DEAF - far from it I am hypersensitive to noise. Especially impact noise. I hear EVERY time someone opens the ground floor door.

I hear Flat 3 stir her tea.
I hear every time Flat 3, 4, 2 open/close their doors.
Every step that Flat 2 below and Flat 8 above take.
I hear the landlord and every workman or engineer.
I hear EVERY time the pedestrian crossing beeps to cross.

In fact I am daily made suicidal by the noise caused by my selfish bullying neighbours.

BUT oddly YOU can't/won't knock sufficiently that I can hear to open the door EIGHT FUCKING FEET from where I am pretty much 247, due to disability. Instead causing me to wait days for re-delivery or immense pain and days of relapse having to go to the sorting office.

I can only conclude that this is deliberate, ignorant, belligerent, selfish and discriminatory behaviour on your part. Well done.

So incompetent are you at this simple task, I have today had to spend the last few hours on the floor immediately behind my door to ensure the *re-delivery* isn't missed due to your unreasonable refusal to make a minor adjustment. The pain and exhaustion from this will last days. It will exacerbate the effect of neighbour noise. Who knows, maybe this weekend it'll prove too much.

On your walk back to the sorting might dwell on this point changing illness and disability can strike anyone, any time. Most disabled people were once fully healthy and able-bodied. Indeed, even poverty stricken carers of disabled family members, will tell you they used to have decent homes and well paid jobs. All it takes is a slip, a fall from a bike, crossing the road, a falling roof tile in a gale, simple 'flu or any one of a thousand other things.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday