An open letter to the Prime Minister

Subject: An open letter to the Prime Minister
From: Wilhelmiina Sjoblom
Date: 9 Jun 2017

Dear Theresa May,

Firstly, to keep it civil, I want to congratulate you for calling this snap election; it has been truly overwhelming seeing the passion and determination of voters all around the country - no matter what party they've been rooting for. Above all, you have created a political fire amongst a lot of young voters, hoping for the turn of progressive politics - so, I congratulate you.

Sadly, last night wasn't a win for progressive, developing politics - a lot of us woke up with joy, seeing the news of a hung parliament - but, by the afternoon, that joy has turned into anger, frustration and disappointment. Dear May, your choice of ally - a creationist, gay-hating, terrorist party - screams anything but progressive. It screams desperation. You have really let us all down.

To put this clearly - your party has decided to form a coalition with a party that call homosexuality "offensive", "immoral", and that they are repulsed by lesbians and gays - who thought it was only the gays who could contract AIDS and HIV. What happened to the modern Conservative party, that said they had "changed" - you, yourself dear May, said in an interview not too long ago, that you would vote for gay marriage if there was a referendum - was that just one of your lies?

Not only that - the DUP are against abortion - why would you be willing to ally with a party who do not appreciate women, who think we shouldn't have a choice, no matter what the situation has been? You call yourself a feminist. If you support this, you are not a feminist. The DUP are a sexist, misogonyst and woman-hating - and you are willing to give them power.

The Conservative campaign was heavily reliant to making Jeremy Corbyn seem like a terrorist symphatiser, only for wanting peace talks - the DUP is a party that are supported by The Red Hand Commando, who  are a proscribed in the UK under the Terrorism Act. So, coupling up with actual terrorists - what does this make you?

I could go on about the horrific views of the DUP (such as wanting to teach biblical creatonism in schools in the place of evolution) , the dodgy recounts in this election in favour of the Conservative, the outright lies of your campaign - but instead, this is what I will say to you:

You have made your bed. Now lie in it.