An Open Letter to the President, Provost, and Chair of Board of Trustees of Hardin-Simmons University

Subject: An Open Letter to the President, Provost, and Chair of Board of Trustees of Hardin-Simmons University
Date: 29 Jan 2020

President Bruntmyer, Provost McNair, and Chair Moore,

We send this letter to you out of a deep care and love for both Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon Seminary.

We understand Hardin-Simmons experienced challenges over the last few years financially. Many beloved faculty and staff are no longer part of the university. We kept your tough decision making and actions in our prayers as you guided the university into it’s the present as well as the future.

We send this letter for two reasons:
1) In support of our wonderful Logsdon Seminary
2) An invitation for dialogue with the Logsdon Alumni Council and other graduates

We understand a Hardin-Simmons University Trustee meeting will happen soon and we want to make sure our testimonies regarding Logsdon Seminary are heard. We serve as pastors, ministers, chaplains, professors, teachers, denominational leaders, and other places of service.

Logsdon Seminary cultivated and prepared us for our callings. Logsdon Seminary proudly has a 95% placement rating, meaning 95% of all students who graduate Logsdon Seminary go on to serve in a related field. This number is incredibly impressive and is evidence of the good work of the staff and faculty of Logsdon Seminary over the years.

Logsdon Seminary has been a Christ-centered place where we have found unity in the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the guidance of Scripture. While graduates serve in various contexts and capacities, we are brought together through preparation of the good news.

Logsdon Seminary has been a true education. Rather than indoctrinate, Logsdon Seminary educates. President Jessie Fletcher once said that an education serves a student best when it teaches a student “how to think over what to think.” This serves its graduates well as they do ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the real world and have to think/feel/do for themselves.

The faculty and staff of Logsdon Seminary has been top notch over the years. They have invested in students and continue to do so. The faculty and staff are committed to the mission of the seminary to equip students to respond to God’s call through academic and spiritual formation for a lifetime of servant leadership in the Kingdom of God. The seminary simply centers itself on the Lordship of Christ, guided by the authority of Scripture, focuses itself on the global mission of the church, and affirms historic principles of Baptist identity.

Thousands of individuals and hundreds of churches have experienced positive impact of Logsdon Seminary graduates. We believe in both the importance of the seminary now and in the world moving forward.

We invite you into conversation surrounding how wonderful and important Logsdon Seminary is, as well as what we as graduates can help grow the university and seminary moving forward.


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