An open letter to the parents of the high school students

Subject: An open letter to the parents of the high school students
From: B. Meka
Date: 30 Sep 2019

Dear parents of the high school students:

I’m writing to you to raise the awareness of the online activities of the young generation students , In nowadays there are many obstacles that students in high school are facing to obtain a place in the College or University, in my point of view the negative online activities such as racism and unethical comments consider very crucial and vital when it comes to the admission .
The students in this age their brain is not mature and very vulnerable they do not realize the consequences of their comments, that will determine their future College or University. One of the best examples is Kyle Keshav (he is one of the survivors of park land school shooting). After he had been accepted in Harvard University his acceptance had been rescinded because the University discovered that he made a racist and vituperative comments, although he said sorry, but the University still not accepted his admission.(After Harvard rescinded admission , Kyle Kashuv , exploring all options for future by :Grace Pateras and Nate Chute).
I believe that all the students should be given a massive advices about the social media communications and how to make the right approach in publishing their views and comments ,and also I think that the parents, the teachers and the society are responsible to maintain the knowledge of the students of what is acceptable and not acceptable of publishing and posting online comments , as I found that any comments that had been published into the social media network ,even if it is in the past will still reflect into their future life.
Your Sincerely
B. Meka
Grossmont College.