An Open Letter to Parents Of High School Students

Subject: An Open Letter to Parents Of High School Students
Date: 24 Sep 2019

I am writing to respectfully request that change your mind about high school students and college admissions. These capitalist approaches have been affected by students extremely arduous for themselves. Attend to high-class university or Ivy League for sure it is a prestige. But how about if the high school students could not get that success, how about those side effects in their early ages. Have you ever thought overall stress in their body?
Your corporation is harmful to giving pressure students with college admission staff. Besides, it is intense for students attending a common good college does not give students mental health and clarification. Also, high schools do not give legitimate nervousness the executives, this leaves students discouraged, on edge and unfortunate. Stress is a characteristic response and a tad of it is ideal. Although, a great deal of pressure will prompt nervousness and now and again, depression.
All statics shows that more teens die from suicide than heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, cancer, and strokes combined. (Monroe)
Additionally, another research by Columbia University psychologists Suniya Luthar and Shawn Latendresse (2005) suggests something striking and troubling: Even though poor children face many hardships, teenagers in affluent families suffer emotional and moral problems at roughly the same rates. The causes of these troubles clearly differ in rich and poor communities, as do the consequences.
Another aspect to consider is that parents of high school students who file claims have an incentive to exaggerate their behavior to students as a "racehorse' and compare to their kids with others. Some students see their parents as simply fooling themselves about how much success really matters to them. In other word, students blame themselves
High school students strongly conveyed to the race each other and articulate that other lives are matter.
However, please dear parents of high school students stop to race your kids with others and try to understand their achievement does not mean that their happiness.