Open Letter to Parents of High School Students

Subject: Open Letter to Parents of High School Students
From: Fardowsa Said
Date: 19 Sep 2019

An open letter to parents of high school children.

I am writing this letter to make you more aware about what your child could be doing on the internet. I am also writing to encourage you to take action by watching and protecting your kids activity online because of how it could hurt your kids chance of going to college.

I am a mother of 4, so I care a lot about the safety and success of my children. Social media is always changing these days and it's so hard to keep up. That’s why I always try to talk to my kids and stay updated with what they do online. Especially with my 2 high school kids. If i keep an honest relationship with them that is also healthy, then it is easier to keep them safe and presentable for colleges looking at them.

Now you might think this is too much to deal with and your children have nothing to worry about, but for many kids it is not like that. An article by the Washington Post called “What leads Harvard to rescind admission? Racism, plagiarism- and killing your mom” by Issac Stanley Becker talks about some kids who were rejected from Harvard like Kyle Kashuv, Blair Hornstine, and Gina Grant for lots of very different reasons. Some are small, some are very illegal, and some that can be harmless like a groupchat. If something online that is so small can do so much then imagine what it could do to your children.

To wrap this up I hope this has made a difference in your views. Parents care about their children more than anything and even though it does not sound important, it can completely change your child’s future. Make sure to take action and ensure your child’s safety and success.


Fardowsa Said

ESL student and mother of 4

Grossmont College