Open Letter From Our President

Subject: Open Letter From Our President
From: Bill Falcone
Date: 13 May 2015

Dear Dillon Business Colleague,

I urge all businesses licensed by the Town of Dillon to make a difference by becoming a member of the Dillon Business Association (DBA) this year. Members of the DBA enjoy many meaningful benefits and are part of a vibrant, fast-growing organization dedicated to promoting businesses in Dillon. We strive to include and serve all of Dillon’s businesses.

What does the Dillon Business Association do? We raise money from the alcohol and merchandise concessions at the Lake Dillon Brew Festival and the Friday night concert series at the amphitheater, as well as the DBA Farmers Market booth. These activities allow us to have nominal dues of $75.00 per business. We use this pool of income to give back benefits to our members that help them promote their businesses that far exceed the membership dues. We also maintain a dialog with the Town of Dillon government in an effort to stay informed, provide input and become involved in decisions relating to the direction and pace of economic development in Dillon. Your membership is vital and will strengthen the voice of our business community.

How can joining help your business? Benefits of DBA membership take many forms:
(1) discounted and free print, TV and internet marketing opportunities, including a free business listing on the DBA web site; (2) increased visitor traffic in town generated by the many DBA events in summer and winter; (3) opportunities to volunteer and promote your business and Dillon at the DBA Farmers Market Booth and other DBA events; (4) the ability to network with fellow members and take part in shaping and running the organization, and (5) the opportunity to become aware of and be involved in the formulation of Town Government policies that effect existing and new businesses.

The DBA Marketing Committee works to provide big benefits exclusive to members. DBA members can take advantage of co-operative print advertising opportunities in the Summit Daily News at tremendous discounts. Members are also entitled to free Channel 10 segments on their business. (I myself have taken advantage of both of these opportunities and seen good results.)

The DBA Online Committee maintains a website ( and a Facebook page. Every member is given a free listing on the website and opportunities to market via internet and
email free of charge. We have just budgeted to significantly optimize the site and increase the
services provided to our member businesses through our online presence.

The DBA Events Committee plans events to raise money through alcohol concessions at all of the Friday night concerts at the Dillon Amphitheater, including our own Lake Dillon Brew Festival which will be held for the 5th time this year on June 19, 2015. Mark it in your calendar now. This is quickly becoming a premier event in the County.

The Dillon Festival of Lights will be entering its 5th year and continues to expand and enhance the Lighting of Dillon from a one day event to a seasonal one that can help make Dillon more attractive in the winter. More businesses and residences have been lighting up each year of the Festival of Lights. If you have not done so already, please join us in “lighting up” to do your part to help make this event a success. We now have a Friday night bonfire series that features carolers and Santa and we have free children’s entertainment shows during the weekends leading up to the holidays. We encourage you to take advantage of and add to this event by having business promotions that make mention of the Dillon Festival of Lights in your ads and media marketing.

The DBA Farmer’s Market Committee is joining forces with the TOD booth in 2015. Member businesses can hand out samples, brochures and menus to customers in an effort to promote and draw traffic to their businesses. We will also help market Dillon by offering Town of Dillon, Colorado promotional apparel and related items of interest to visitors at our events.

The DBA Membership and Volunteer Committee is responsible for membership drives and mixers. Networking with many members of the Association can be very rewarding. Attending meetings and mixers and being involved on a committee, or the Board of Directors, allows you to help shape the organization while making contact with the business owners who will someday need your products and/or services. As a member, you will also have use of our database of members to circulate discounts and offers. This committee also coordinates the volunteer staffing of our weekly booths at the Dillon Farmers Market and at Dillon Amphitheater events. We always welcome new volunteers to help us as we expand these activities each year. All volunteers at these events are encouraged to wear their company apparel and name tags so that they can utilize the direct access to the public to promote their businesses for free.

The DBA Government Liaison Committee holds regular meetings with the Dillon Town Manager and Mayor. These meetings are a forum to discuss all things which affect businesses in Dillon including: encouraging the creation and implementation of business incentives; updating the town code, zoning and development procedures; improving town signage and visibility; parking issues; the improvement of Town Parks; Town Core and Lake Dillon Drive development plans; as well as issues affecting Dillon Ridge, Dillon Plaza and Red Mountain Plaza; and budget issues including the budgets for events, marketing and economic development. This Committee
works to improve the DBA’s partnership with the Town for summer concerts and events, including our own Lake Dillon Brew Festival, the Dillon Festival of Lights, the Dillon Farmers Market, etc. This Committee has sponsored candidates’ forums and poses business-related questions to the candidates for Town Government. In addition to the above, this committee is also working on a membership survey regarding key issues effecting Dillon businesses so that we can pass along the results of that survey to the Town Staff and Council. This is a great way for non-resident business owners to have some say in what happens within the Town. I serve on this Committee as well as Dillon Economic Development Advisory Committee that has been formed to advise Town Council on key policy issues.

Merchandise and concession sales, and membership dues provide the Dillon Business Association with sustainable funding sources. We are looking to best use these funds to create customer traffic and promote member businesses. We have already accomplished a lot and have ambitious plans for the future. If you have any more ideas of what you would like to see the DBA do for your Dillon business, we want to hear your suggestions.

If you’re interested in learning more, or participating at any level please contact our administrator Gwen Ocasio by e-mail at [email protected] or visit our website,


Bill Falcone – President

Dillon Business Association