Open Letter to the Other Woman

Subject: Open Letter to the Other Woman
From: The Woman Who Loved Him First
Date: 9 Jul 2019

Dear Other Woman,

I won’t say your name, though I know it well. I just wanted to take a moment to get a few things off my chest.

First and foremost, I am sorry. I am so incredibly beyond sorry for not getting to you before now. If I only had a found you sooner maybe I could have prevented this. Unfortunately, I know exactly how you’re feeling. Lost. Betrayed. Heartbroken. Exiled. And scared.

For a split moment I hated you. When I first laid eyes on the picture of you holding him. I saw nothing but red. I thought of no less than 15 ways of causing you harm within seconds. You were going to feel my wrath. You were going to feel the same amount of pain that you caused me.

As the anger quickly faded to sadness I felt my breath catch. Before I could stop it the tears were flowing. You were the reason I’d lost the man I was going to marry. You were the reason my heart, soul, and dreams were so violently ripped from me. You. I gathered my thoughts to the best of my ability and sent you a message. Turns out the day you boasted as being your first day together also marked our third anniversary. I wanted, needed, you to know.

What happened next will stay with me forever. Your mother -your sweet, concerned, protective mother- reached out to me. She apologized for his behavior. They way he’d hurt me. She voiced her concerns and asked for any information she could gather about this man you are so in love with. I spoke with her open and honestly. I told her everything I knew. How I’d been living with him when you claimed you got together. How it had been another two months before he broke things off with me. But that we continued to talk and exchange “I love yous” for two months longer than that. I told her how he controlled me by isolating me from my friends and family. I explained that he had a way of talking himself out of trouble with his calm, deep voice.

She told me he denied everything that I had said in that first message. But I need you to know that it was all true. I need you to realize that I am not the enemy. I’m only trying to save you from the devastation that that man can cause. He is quick, cunning, and incredibly charming.

In this very moment I’m sure he has talked his way out of this whole mess. Persuaded you to believe that I am nothing more than a crazy ex girlfriend coming out of the woodwork. He had also probably secluded you from you parents. Making you believe that they are only out to break you two up. They don’t really want what’s best for you. He probably cried. He told you he’s made a lot of mistakes in his life but that you aren’t one of them. He begged you with tears in his eyes not to leave him. Not to give up on him. And you cried too. And in that moment all his transgressions were forgiven and you vowed to stand by this man despite what anyone says. Because they just don’t understand. They don’t understand how good he makes you feel. They don’t understand the way he holds you at night and whispers in your ear. The don’t understand the plans you’ve made in the still of the night. But I do. I understand because I am you. I stood where you’re standing and I took that vow too.

And now I am here. Writing you this letter in the hopes that it isn’t too late. In the hopes that there’s still time for you to escape this mans evil wrath. Please listen to your wonderful mother and go home. She loves you unconditionally and is doing her absolute best to protect you.

Lastly, my heart breaks for you. I’ve mourned your soul for days now. I never knew I could feel such sorrow for someone I’ve never met. But I feel it is my duty to protect you. We are bound now in a way that can never be undone. If I could say just one thing to you it would be this: run.

The Woman Who Loved Him First