An open letter to the one who saved me

Subject: An open letter to the one who saved me
From: Your future wife
Date: 27 Jan 2016
Love of my life, Open letter to my boyfriend, open letter, dear boyfriend

I don't think I could ever express to you how thankful I am. You literally saved my life. Okay, maybe not "literally" but it sure felt like it. It wasn't the "save you from a burning building" kind of life saving. It was more like saving me from my depression. Saving me from the thoughts I had every single night. From the feeling that I would never be good enough for any one. Before you came into my life, it was rough. I've struggled with anxiety and depression ever since I was 14. I've battled drug use, bulimia and a toxic relationship. Those things destroyed me mentally. But one day, you came into my life. You made feel better than I ever have. Just when I thought I'd never find a decent man to treat me right you walked into my life and changed everything. You made me feel beautiful in my skin. Like for once I didn't have to change anything to be good enough, I just was. It was a wonderful feeling that I will never forget. You changed my perspective on young guys and relationships all together. And ever since we started talking you have made me feel self worth, beauty, and pride in who I am. You made me believe I am better than my past. You changed my future forever. You are the man I will someday walk down the aisle to and marry. You are a bright shining light forcing the darkness behind me. Thank you for making me find worth within myself. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful in my skin. Thank you for loving everything I am insecure about. Thank you for the laughter when I need it most. And the long talks about the future. And for reassuring me in my moments of doubt. Thank you for understanding my anxiety causes me to overthink things. Thank you for the late nights just holding me. The dinner dates and adventures. Watching movies and shows, and enjoying each other's company. For being a great guy when I struggled to see any in the world. For the endless love and compassion. I just have never felt so connected to anyone, and I could never thank you enough. But I will spend my whole life trying.