An open letter to the one who broke my soul

Subject: An open letter to the one who broke my soul
From: ML
Date: 8 Jun 2016
To the boy who broke my soul by publicly humiliating me in the most personal way. Sharing the pictures of sandwiches and comparing them to my woman parts has scarred me in more ways than you could ever imagine. I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep for weeks, maybe months. I just kept replaying those pictures, words, your friends all laughing on social media. It's been a year and I still hate myself. I will never look at myself the same. I can't enjoy sleeping with my boyfriend for the fear he is grossed out touching me, seeing me, thinking about me. It makes me tear up everytime afterward. I can't even bring it up to him because I'm too embarrassed. You've ruined me and the view of myself. It's lead to seeing all the flaws in my body. It makes me physically sick. I feel ugly. My chest gets tight and I just want to lock myself up for days and cry. I didn't ask to look or be made like this. What gave you the right to make me feel smaller than I ever have in my entire life? I'm pissed, hurt, depressed. All I want to do is have surgery to fix it. I can't wear swimsuits without having anxiety. I don't understand what I did so wrong to you. Nothing. I did nothing wrong. I felt so comfortable with you that I let you in in the most intimate way. And after two times and a few days I find out threw social media that I'm just a joke to you? Bullshit. Fuck you. I can't stand the sight of you. I can't stand your friends/my old friends that laughed with you. It wasn't funny. It will never be funny. You turned something so beautiful into something so terrifying for me. No woman should've ever have to feel this way. You suck. I hate you just as much as you made me hate the way I am. You broke such a beautiful soul.