An Open Letter To The One I Love

Subject: An Open Letter To The One I Love
From: Anonymous
Date: 1 May 2018

To The One I Love,

It would seem that warm weather and sunny days remind me of a simpler time when we first met, because as they rapidly approach us, my mind centers around the idea of you and the good times in years past. A time when our responsibilities were limited and we took advantage of our freedom. A time where we could spend a whole weekend just talking about future goals and our plans to make them a reality. A time where we would go to new and exciting places and pretty much do whatever we wanted, almost as if we were fearless and invincible. I miss those times. I miss you.

I don't think you'll ever know how much you mean to me, mainly because I show my affection in the most covert manner, that it may even seem as though I don't show any affection at all. I'm sorry about that, because when I think of you, it's quite the opposite. I see a joyous smile and palpable adoration. It's been three years and your overly unmistakable love still puts a smile on my face. The way you scream my name when you first get home from work and all the excitement you've bottled up all day still puts a smile on my face. There's a lot of things you do that still puts a smile on my face.