An open letter to the one I’ll never stop caring about

Subject: An open letter to the one I’ll never stop caring about
From: Mackenzie
Date: 21 Feb 2018

Dear you,

Remember the day you picked me up and took me into the city? It was extremely late at night, we drove around for hours, and blared backstreet boys. You showed me parts of the city I had never seen before and I loved the way you got excited when you showed me things around from your life. I remember being so happy in that moment, but I also remember telling myself that this one was going to hurt. See I fell for you so fast. You swept me off my feet with your charm, and then your love hit me like a bus. I never thought anything would break us apart.

I never accounted for the fact that you just can’t predict life, and where it takes you. You were going one way, and had your own plans, and me too. We are young, and honestly still trying to find our way in this confusing world. I would’ve done anything to make it work, and I tried, but you learn that somethings just aren’t going to and you can’t stop that from happening. I gave up, and now looking back I am truly sorry for that.

The memories flood in when I see where we use to hangout, or think about all the fun times, and those are memories I will treasure forever. Not every aspect of our relationship was perfect, and I know in the end it seemed like all the imperfections were to much. I would take all the bad over again for one more chance to do it better.

In case you didn’t know, I’d be lying if I said it’s not been hard to live life without you. I wish I could tell you about my day, or ask about your family, or just simply be there for you on rough days. I need you to know that no matter what I’m here, and you deserve the world. For now, I have to say thank-you. Thank-you for teaching me about love, thank-you for showing me compassion in my hardest times, thank-you for teaching me lessons about relationships, thank-you for showing me what not to do in my next one, and thank-you for impacting my life the way you did. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the time we spent together. You gave me hope for what I thought I would never find. You may not ever know and I may not show it on the surface but I will be forever grateful.

Maybe if we met later on in life things would’ve been different but at the end of the day I strongly believe that everyone meets for a reason, and that we learned something from our time together. Every person that comes in my life has a special place in my heart, so I will end with this...
I wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity, and love. I want your life to be nothing short of the best, even if it doesn’t include me. I’ll always be thinking about you.

Yours always,