An Open Letter to the NRMA & IAG from a Disgruntled Long Term Loyal Customer

Subject: An Open Letter to the NRMA & IAG from a Disgruntled Long Term Loyal Customer
From: Leonardo Di Coio
Date: 23 Nov 2017


Thanks for your response to my email on behalf of Peter Harmer, Chief Executive Officer and Director of IAG Limited, parent company of the NRMA.

What a joke of a response from a company of your standing, you all obviously have no idea about how to treat your customers or on ethics and values. How can your Customer Relations Team hold the final decision, do they govern your company? The Internal Dispute Resolution process was a farce, and if as you say in your response to me that you “trust in their ability to review a claim in a fair manner” it’s time you review your procedures as you have serious issues if the NRMA and IAG honestly believe that…spend a few moments on social media and read the feedback and feel the sentiment of your customers in relation to the NRMA, your Customer Relations Team and their treatment of your customers.

Once again thanks for nothing, it may take a while for me to switch over all my policies, but rest assured I will take my business elsewhere and hopefully the business of many others after I share my story with them at every opportunity that comes my way.

UNBELIEVABLE that you are not able to pursue the criminal that initiated this incident and expect me to go off and do that ourselves after we pay you handsome premiums for your services. In this Hit and Run incident we gave you the registration details of the vehicle that hit ours and there was a witness, however you insist that you cannot refund the excess payment you forced us to pay up front to repair the vehicle. A payment made under the false promise that it would be refunded after you located the driver. You did not locate the driver, even though the police report states the owner of the vehicle, it would be great if you used your legal power and went to some effort on our behalf to get to the bottom of this accident, it is after all what we pay you for.

Apparently hidden deep in your 100 page PDS you have your little known escape clause that you keep referring to that states: no driver details, no pay...why isn't this on the front cover? It makes me sick to the stomach when I see money leaving my bank account to pay premiums to the NRMA/IAG, it's just money down the gurgler, and money you do not deserve or work for. It's UNBELIEVABLE that other insurance companies can help in this situation and you can't, it's UNBELIEVABLE that I had to send blanket emails to IAG just to finally get someone to call me after repeated requests for the NRMA’s Customer Relations team to speak with me, it’s UNBELIEVABLE that you can't tell me how on earth I am supposed to acquire the driver details, it’s UNBELIEVABLE that in this day and age, the NRMA with all their resources and modern technology cannot assist, but simply states" case closed", "refer to the PDS" and "take it up with the Ombudsman". I don't want to take it up with the Ombudsman because you know that is futile, that is the only reason you recommend that avenue. I want to take it up with you is you the NRMA I pay for this service! It’s time you update your PDS and remove that ridiculous clause which obviously WRONGFULLY saves you a bucket load of money and further lines your coffers, these are funds that should be directed to helping your customers instead of channelling it to the fund your overly compensated board. You should be able to find whatever information you need from the registration details, if not investigate till you do, locate the owner of the vehicle and make them responsible if they won’t provide details of the driver, after all, it was their property that caused damage to mine...common sense right?

I really appreciate your lack of assistance and leave you with some advice, even though I know it falls on death ears. Treat your loyal customers with respect and they in turn will respect you and help grow your business well into the future. My father is 90yrs old, he has been with the NRMA for what I believe is over 60 years, he is loyal and still is, that loyalty trait was passed on to me, and on his advice I joined the NRMA when it was my turn to go out into the world, I have been loyal for 30 years - a total sum of 90 years of loyalty from only two members of my family, I recommended you to my daughter, and she too joined the NRMA (what a mistake that turned out to be). I would have recommend you to my other two daughters as they are about to embark into adulthood. Three generations of LOYALTY to your company, does that mean anything to you NRMA? However through my dealings with you and your treatment with my daughter’s incident I have come to understand that this means NOTHING to you guys, and apparently it means NOTHING to your CEO and director Peter Harmer and the rest of the crew there at NRMA/IAG, so the buck STOPS here!

You guys are just as bad as the banks and the government and the people need to step in as you guys are out of control...Greed is Good in your world! I will no longer partner with a company who turns their nose up at us and treats us with such disdain and disrespect, I no longer wish to give you my hard earned money so your board can live their lavish lifestyles and drive around in flashy BMW's and Mercedes rather than support their loyal customer base that are the foundations of your business. It would have been so easy for the NRMA and IAG to make things right and live by their motto of: "We're Here to H.E.L.P." - I gave you ample opportunities, no decision is final and it can be overturned if you really want to do the right thing by your customers...GREED does not need to be the lifeblood of your company.

As I finish penning this letter to you it brings a smile to my face, almost a belly laugh. Why you might ask? Because soon the 9 policies I hold with you and the $9,000.00 that leaves my bank account annually to go into yours will soon come to an end!

Hasta La Vista