An open letter to my second real first love

Subject: An open letter to my second real first love
From: Leesh
Date: 16 Mar 2016

It was always you. You were there for me since 8th grade, now we’ve both graduated high school and are doing things with our lives. I never chose you like you chose me. I put you in the friend zone almost immediately (sorry about that). I remember when you told me you rode your bike to my house which is a good 30 mins. We fell apart shortly after a year of being friends. I started dating someone and thought I was in love, typical 8th/9th grade girls. A few years later and I think I’m dating the love of my life (unfortunately it wasn’t you), little did I know I was completely wrong. You were there for me throughout the whole horrible break up. Always supporting me and hanging out with me when I felt down. Always knowing what to do without having to say a word. But after opening up to you once more, I put you in the friend zone once again. During this time you went to someone else like I went to you and you started dating them. We were always best friends and were there for each other like before. And this time it was your turn to get your heart broken, similar to how mine was. Except this time I was there for you. A few months later and we are dating, little did I know I met the love of my life back in 8th grade. Our one year, should be our 5th/6th year, is coming up soon. We are getting our lives figured out, were moving in together this coming summer. I’m going to be finishing my first year of college and you’ll be getting a steady job shortly. Let’s just say we’ve came along way, but have much more to go and I wouldn’t want to experience any of this without you. All I can say today and every day is thank you.