An Open Letter To My Life

Subject: An Open Letter To My Life
From: Ali
Date: 26 May 2017

Dear Life,

I am sorry that I trash you, berate you, blame you and damn you on a regular basis, I am sorry too that I never say thank you when you bring me gifts like a loyal cat. When was the last time I told you that I loved you? Or that I’m grateful for all that you do for me and all that you help me with? Have I ever told you I am truly glad of your support and that your vastness moves me and calms me and leaves me feeling wonder for all the blue skies, sunny days, breath taking landscapes, emerald oceans, nope I don’t believe I ever have, least not out loud, but oh how we both know I have berated you, blamed you, raged against you, even tried to delete you once! All voiced in hateful, exasperated anger. Well, now I hang my head in shame, I know now I was wrong to judge you, wrong to have a preference on what you brought to my door. It is not my job to sit in disdainful watchfulness with high expectations of the gifts I would like to received, just as and when I wish to receive them. I need to cultivate a gratefulness for it all! Take on the gift of learning in the difficult times and furnish you with compassion in the sad times. I am sorry life, I really am, you are my oldest living friend and I rejected you without even getting to know you, your beauty and your kinds of love. I see now that you are going to stay with me until the end and as such I need not to understand you, but simply to be with you, accept you and reflect back to you the warmth and love that you show me moment by precious moment.

Teach me dear life to hold you in my heart and to respect you deeply as the all knowing only life there is.