An open letter to my greatest love

Subject: An open letter to my greatest love
From: Your kindred spirit
Date: 10 Sep 2018

I remember the first few times we spoke. From our first encounter i knew you were different. I never realised just how special you were. i remember the first time i looked into your eyes and i saw such incredible kindness , they say eyes are the window into the soul and what i saw that day made me realise i met someone incredibly special. A truly beautiful soul.

Over time you became my friend, my confidante, my everything. You were the first person i could really be myself with, and something about you just put me at ease. I loved every minute spent in your company. No one had ever made me feel like you have. You made me smile. I was sooo happy around you. You gave me confidence and a spring in my step. Oh how i relished and cherished every moment with you. I was so flattered as well that you chose to be my friend.

Teenage years and high school can be tough and you helped me make it through. I would always think of you when i was feeling anxious and almost instantly i would feel at ease. So this is a thank you letter.

I know we have had our differences and our time apart but there is no one i would wish to spend the rest of my life with more than you.

Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for the hour long phone calls, the endless MSN conversations, the countless text messages, the emails and notes and gifts, but most of all thank you for caring and giving me your time.

Thank you for reminding me to take my antibiotics, thank you for inspiring me to eat healthier and live cleaner. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable to you and keeping all my secrets. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best person i can be.

Thank you for giving me the most heartfelt advice with the tricky situations with my supervisor at work, thank you paying attention to the smallest details of my life.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard i fell of my bed. Thank you for making me smile at random times during the day when im at work and i remember something hilarious or cute you said a while ago.

Thank you for encouraging me when I was writing my novel when i was young. Thank you for reigniting my passion for literature and writing. Thank you for teaching me about iceland deliveries haha. Thank you for opening up to me and confiding in me.

Thank you for being so kind to me when so many haven't. Thank you for the way that you used to look at me. Thank you for the sweet words that still give me butterflies. 15 years later almost and you still turn me to jelly sometimes.

Thank you for all my childhood memories and all the sweet things you said to me.Thank you for everything. I will forever be grateful for having you in my life. I dont think you will ever truly know how much i appreciate all these things. They might seem small to you but to me they are priceless.

They say when you love someone, just let them go, and if they come back, then they are truly yours. If they don't, then they were never yours to begin with. I thought this common English expression never made any sense. I figured if you love someone/something then you should hold onto them for dear life. Which is what i tried doing when we were younger.

10 years later and finally i get this famous saying now. Wow, i really, really get it. i know in your head your saying im slow haha but im not. I finally get it though. And do you know the most beautiful part of this realisation? It means you were mine from the begin. Mine forever. That is by far the most overwhelming take home lesson for me.

i want you to know how much of an impact you have always had on my life, i want you to know that I cherish you, i want you to know that you mean so incredibly much to me. I want you to know you were my first love and that i have every intention of making you my last one as well.

I will always love you girl.

You know who i am.