An Open Letter to My Friends Who Do Not Understand the Importance of Education

Subject: An Open Letter to My Friends Who Do Not Understand the Importance of Education
From: Acromwell
Date: 21 Nov 2016

At what age does it become apparent to children how vital education is in this world? As a high school student in America, I have noticed in every single one of my classes of every school day, kids who think it’s okay to talk, goof off, ignore their teachers and act like hooligans. The mindset of American teens often seems to be geared towards the present rather than the big picture- their futures.
Being disruptive, disrespectful and obnoxious in class, hinders a teen’s ability to do well in school. If a student can't apply themselves enough to control their behavior and act right in school, they will be faced with many obstacles later in life due to their adolescent arrogance and being naive. A kid who believes behavior like that is okay doesn't understand how to show respect towards elders and people in position of power. This is turn will affect their job experiences, family, and social life and ultimately will limit their potential to succeed.
The way American teens perceive and approach school is mediocre and needs to change, so kids will be better prepared to survive on their own. Teenagers should not look at the task of going to school as a chore but rather as a chance, a place where they can gather the skills to have a high place in society. Teens in America don’t even realize how lucky they are to even have the opportunity to pursue an education.
What teens in America fail to realize is that someone who's educated will have a stable mind and will be able to balance their lives because they know how to earn their own living and live a healthy lifestyle, which will greatly increase their chances of leading long, happy, sustainable lives. If teens can change their mindsets on pursuing education and its degree of importance in their lives today, then their odds of ensuring bright futures will greatly increase.
Education isn’t just important because of the skills it gives people to survive but also because it teaches people about the world around them. Knowledge of the world will grant someone insight, individuality which distinguishes them from everyone else. Someone who is educated will also have a better understanding of the world and therefore will make better decisions to adapt, live, thrive and flourish.
By simply being educated you’d have a much better chance at creating a comfortable desirable life because you'd have the knowledge to become a productive member of your society. When teens in America can wake up and stop despising school and start appreciating the opportunities they've been given, they will find success in many forms. Education may not necessarily be the key to happiness, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things which come together to make you happy.